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This weeks Saab Of The Week comes from Benjamin from Austria and is a 2005 9-5 Aero Combi. This photo took off on Facebook with 9 comments and 111 likes in a very short period of time. This shows us all the popularity of the 9-5 Combi model. We are on average receiving over 20 pictures a week from Saab fans and this one just seems to have been a hit with fans with comments like “this is exactly the type of the Saab I’m going to buy soon” and “I’ve got the 9-5 AERO estate/wagon what a lovely car… the shape of the wagon is superb”. Most vehicles out there in a wagon configuration are boring and lack any excitement at all, not at all the case with the Saab 9-5. The 9-5 Combi even in this 2005 is class all the way through and at almost 8 years old, looks remarkably new and stylish. Thanks for sharing Benjamin and as always, please send your photos to [email protected].


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Beautiful! Einar Hareide’s base design is a work of art!


I always thought this was the best looking front end on the OG 9-5. The later Dame Edna seemed a bit forced to me.

Angelo V.

I’ve owned a lot of cars. My family has owned a lot of cars. It’s very possible that my ’04 9-5 Sport Combi is the best I’ve ever had.


This truly is a beauty..!
These 9-5s were the best; still with the proper Saab dash, instead of the later (lower quality, less ergonomic) ‘generic GM’ dashboards. These cars still had character….

Jonny D

Timeless and elegant. Nothing on this car looks out of place a testament to the original design.




always hoped someone would develop an integrated front light cluster as the split indicator/headlight is all that makes it look old…

Peter Gilbert

The 9-5 Combi is so practical and sporty and is the main reason I picked it to replace my SPG after she went to the museum. It now compliments my Viggen as a perfect stable-mate. It is the culmination of SAAB design which I have experienced since my 1966 96 2-Stroke.
I have no intention of ever replacing it.

Lars Gunnar Olsson

Another awesome example of an ’04/’05 Aero combi. Love it!


Nice pic! Nice Car!
Have a ’04 9-5 Aero SC myself. Probably the best alround car I’ve had in my life. Sporty, safe, nice design, enough room for the family, great winter car too (for a 2WD). Not much out there that can top it (at a reasonable price).

John C.

I’m not a combi guy but this is truly a beautiful car. There isn’t one aspect of it that turns me off and it just looks like it wants to be driven.


While I think the 97-01 version is the peak of SAAB design, where every millimeter makes perfect sense, this very specimen in the picture is superb. The colour, the wheels, spot on!


Agree to 100%! =)

Bo Ragnarsson

Wery nice. I have a ARC Sportcombi with almost
the same color. 🙂

No 9

My next 9-5!

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