14 thoughts on “SPNA: SAAB SECURE DETAILS”

    • Comments? There never were any comments. You suffer from a defective memory. You never tried to cure yourself of it, because you did not choose to. It was a small effort of will, which you were not ready to make. Tell us what you think you remember. Photographs about which you’ve had hallucinations… which you believed you held in your hand. Comments that you believe you’ve read… They never existed. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, has it not? How many fingers am I holding up?

    • I’ll try to fix it, problem with WordPress on the iPad. It duplicated the post and when I deleted the duplicate it deleted the post and when I moved it from the trash to post again….. Not sure where the comments went because my screen still shows the amount of comments but when I click, they are gone.

    • Sorry guys, I can’t seem to fix it as it seems the post is gone that had the comments attached…. I will see if the comments are there somewhere but hopefully we have answered questions if there were any and nothing is really lost in the comments disappearing. Guess I’ve learned to never delete something even if it shows up as if it’s there twice, because it’s not.

    • I believe I saved my comment at home which may have caused some angst on here. I’ll see if I can repost it later. Thought I was being “censored” to due my somewhat critical comments against an advertiser. Perhaps it was a simple computer malfunction.

      • I would not censor your comment because of you being critical about Tim Colbeck. I disagree with your comment and I think there was a response from someone saying you were unfair in your comments against him, so your comment in a way showed more support for him. I have explained what happened and I’m sorry if you choose to believe otherwise as your last sentence implies. Feel free to add your comment again, you’ll see I was not in any way trying to make it go away.

        • That’s good to know. I did look forward to seeing other responses and was sad to see the page blanked out yesterday when I went to check.

          I still feel NEVS is missing a superb opportunity to attract some its most loyal and profitable customers though by not backing or subsidizing these 2010-11 warranties anywhere in the world they intend to sell in the future, if these warranties weren’t already covered by distributors or dealers (as is/was the case in several countries.)

          • imagine my surprise when I went back to the page and the post was gone completely, all I was trying to do was get rid of what I thought was a duplicate post….

    • there is a $100 deductible on the Saab Secure Vehicle Service Contracts if you were to choose to buy one of them which is pretty standard with any kind of extended warranty/service contract. As far as the BG lifetime plan, I don’t see a deductible there from what I have and this is of coarse a different program with its own guidelines to ensure coverages…..

    • Most dealers have had extended warranties to offer through this period that were much like the program stated here but some dealers didn’t even have an option for a provider and this makes it easy to have something to offer.

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