The Saab 9-5 is the best luxury car in the UK

The Which? make a yearly car survey. On that survey people in the UK, not only members of Which?, rate all aspects of car ownership of their own car, like reliability satisfaction fuel economy or practicability.

The cars are classified in different classes and in the luxury car class the 9-5 I (1997-2010) appears as the class winner.

Which Report and SAAB 9-5

This is not much information, it only shows that the 9-5 is the best of its class, well it is also the best overall, at least the one with the highest rating. If you visit the Which? site you can also get some information on the reliability of the car. There you can see that the 9-5 is the third most reliable car in its class, and it is the car with the lowest repair costs at £11o, although Which? says that the 5 series is cheaper with an average of £111.

Talking about the other cars, I don’t know if its a coincidence, but you see too many times the name Vauxhall when you look at the worst of their classes. And regarding the luxury class, it is very enlightening to see the Audi A6 as the worst of its class, although Audi “the Brand” is, when you talk to young professionals. I would say that people set higher expectations on “the Brand” than it can fulfil.

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casualty = coincidence 😉

Thanks !!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. You sir have just reinforced why I am sticking with my Saab 95 forever 🙂 I’m sorry but NEVs will be hard pushed to get me out of my 95. I want to buy a 93 (when they produce it) as my second.
Slightly off topic, but Boris Johnson (our favourite London mayor) wants green cars only in central London by 2020, otherwise its a fine. I suggest NEVs gets a move on and starts shipping ‘green’ Saabs quickly to the UK, in fact everywhere.


Sorry to be the party pooper, but the title of the article in the magazine is “Best and worst car for COMFORT”

So the judging category (mainly) is of the comfort


Nice to see the OG9-5 getting the recognition it deserves at last. My 2001 Aero Sportwagon still looks great – sleek and elegant – and runs as if it were new.


I do recall reading this in their recent magazine, nice to see it get some recognition. However, I often despaired at the general motoring press who often over looked SAAB when it mattered, undervaluing the cars abilities – often preferring RWD German brands for their ability to oversteer so easily on the track.
If only they had looked past the motoring journalists nerd like need to slide they would of recognised cars offering safety, reliability and driving pleasure in the real world.
The OG9-5 wagon is still a beauty.


Not really much of a surprise – it’s been a long-known fact in the UK that Saab has one of the best seats. My 9-5 is very comfortable, my 99GL was brilliant – but my 9-3SS Aero was the best (half cloth) as I managed to drive 1100 miles (1700km) in ONE DAY with no aches in 2007

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