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One part of the news that seems to have gone by with very little coverage at all is the fact that Saab’s parent company NEVS intends to sell a 22% stake to the city of Qingdao (pronounced ching-‘dow), China. While it still leaves NEVS the majority stakeholder and in control, it certainly puts this city square in the future for Saab. While most of us here are very familiar with Trollhättan, very few of us know much about this part of Shandong Province, where Saabs will float into port on their way into the Chinese mainland. The tastes and preferences of this city’s government leaders and inhabitants will surely play a role in shaping new Saabs for years to come.

If you find yourself with some extra time this weekend, I’ve embedded a three part episode of a CCTV show called Travelogue about Qingdao for you to watch. If you’re familiar with Rick Steves’ Europe, you’ll probably feel at home watching this series. It’s pretty amazing. Interestingly, European influence in Qingdao is extremely strong, and there’s even an old German section with a Catholic church which you can see in part 3. Before you prejudge the place, watch this video. I think I’m starting to understand why someone from here might emigrate to Sweden, become a citizen, and celebrate Western culture (actually I’m still confused why he didn’t move to Berlin instead). The fact that the narrator is a Chinese citizen with an English accent proves this point without saying.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention– that German occupation heritage rubbed off quite a bit– their historical name is Tsingtao. Ring a bell? They drink a lot of beer. Suffice it to say, I like these people already (especially since they have an English blog there that likes to quote SaabsUnited, cover basketball, and cover NEVS, like this article you might have read elsewhere about why Kai Johan Jiang chose Qingdao in the first place)did an interview with China Throw one back and enjoy the approximately hour long video. Pay close attention to when he takes the ferry to Huangdao, which besides being the future home of a Saab plant, apparently has some of the best beaches in Mainland China.

As a bonus for clicking past the break, you can check out a video of the world’s longest oversea bridge, the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge. At 26.4 miles (42.5km), one would assume that Saab will need batteries to last at least that far ;).

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  1. Qingdao 2,000,000,000 shares NEVS, in Saab landing uncertainty 2013-01-10 22:43:12
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    Morning, January 7, 2013 Alfred rental Qingdao Jiaonan City Wangtaipu, the town are anxiously lying in front of a computer at home, index finger over and over and over pounding the mouse, anxious, but also eager to brush 12306 website screen praying this network, the longer a little faster train successfully set on two priceless, good for him …
    The Alfred hometown in Zhejiang Jinhua, this year just to talk about the work in the zone a girlfriend, is planning a Chinese New Year with his girlfriend back home New Year, in order to alleviate the elderly parents is not every day phone “forced marriage” is every day in non-misuse One ” tension on enrollment. Girlfriend in the work of the new west coast of Qingdao Economic Area children, high-income people and pretty, take home absolutely make parents happy.
    Girlfriend often said Alfred Jiaonan region to develop, also heard that the Nordic countries to invest and build factories here, said since October but also the production of luxury cars, Alfred quickly have to buy a house, or future can not afford to buy. Alfred admire the vision of girlfriend, also secretly resolved to make money, and strive for a house to buy, good this lantern is also difficult to find a young married woman “marrying as soon as possible.
    Alfred are two train anxious sweating profusely in the street not far from the house he rented the other side of the hall, several staff members are also busy sweating profusely, but They are not for the train set, but to a grand signing ceremony is about to begin in a tense busy. Qingdao Municipality the highest Executive, Executive attend a 10 billion project signing ceremony soon began.
    This 100 million project, is an annual output of 400,000 Swedish Saab Automobile landing project in China. Only, this time to help Saab landing in China, not young Alfred Jinhua home car, not just to develop a new car in the Saab technology based on the the Beijing car, nor is the famous “two colossal”, but this has “Gulf World, Blue are” Qingdao City, its just set up specifically for this Qingdao Bo Investment Limited.
    On the morning of January 7, Qingdao Bo Investment Limited the Saab bankruptcy the asset acquisition Fang Ruidian countries Electric Car Company (NEVS) and its sister companies belong to the same national Modern Energy Holdings Guoneng Power Group signed an agreement, plans to invest 10 billion yuan joint venture auto companies in the west coast of Qingdao Economic Area, the production of the traditional fuel of the Saab brand new energy vehicles and pure electric.
    Saab vehicle project plan designed annual production capacity of 400,000, with an annual output value of 120 billion yuan, an investment of 40 billion yuan, the production car 200,000. The project also plans to set up in Qingdao the Saab Automobile R & D Center (China), manufacturing centers, procurement centers and sales centers.
    According to NEVS, chairman, CEO Karl-Erling Trogen argument in front of the Swedish Volvo Truck Corporation, Qingdao Company production Saab Automobile will be mainly for the Chinese market, while the Swedish original Saab Teluohaitan (Trollhättan) factory production car will meet the needs of the European countries. “Teluohaitan future will continue to be Saab’s global product development and production headquarters base in Qingdao will become NEVS hub gateway to China.”
    Based on the information I get, the two sides signed a cooperation intention mainly consists of two parts, the First Qingdao Qingdao Bo Investment Co., Ltd. set up a special 2 billion grams to NEVS inject francs for the purchase of this quite the origins of NEVS 22% of the company’s shares. Second, both sides on this basis, to continue to deepen cooperation, and further injections, the establishment of specialized production of traditional power of the petrol version of Saab car as well as pure electric Saab car’s automotive joint venture enterprise, ultimately to Qingdao to build the Saab brand automobile’s R & D center, manufacturing center, procurement center and sales center to revive the Swedish car brand has a history of 60 years, with the massive Chinese market. At present, the two sides ongoing research work of the feasibility report of the joint venture.

    What they need
    9-3 models, vehicle manufacturing, powertrain, tool companies as well as the cash left over since June 13 last year, NEVS mysterious layman dark horse identity in Japan alliance defeated Young Automotive successfully purchased Saab bankruptcy next generation Phoenix Technology platform for intellectual property rights, as well as Saab S, A, A, B four-letter brand use rights (excluding Griffin Griffin logo), so that the last two years to participate in bidding Huatai Automobile, youth car, huge steam trade, Geely Automobile, the Russian Antonov, Mahindra & Mahindra, India, the United States Northstreet and so on and so on have become clouds, so whenever they come out comment on a few of the “Yuan Fang” General Motors closed mouth. Successfully to buy Saab remaining assets to know the name of Jiang Dalong the NEVS, Guoneng Power Generation Group and is now able Energy Holdings Jiang Department let the world automotive industry.
    After three months in addition to mergers and acquisitions that day released to co-ordinate the Swedish manufacturing and design capabilities, the advanced technology of the electric car in Japan as well as China’s development of electric cars and future transport solutions opportunities, Saab Automobile playing the electric cars of the future of the world’s leading The company “plans, in addition to kick out the Japanese venture action, basically no movement.
    Although the original acquisition of Saab assets NEVS prepared to rely on the Chinese market, “vowed” to want Saab to build to become the leader of the world’s electric vehicles, but as I expected in June last year, compared to the electric car, to restore the traditional Saab production or perhaps more focus began hybrids Saab fly.
    After serious field research, NEVS deeply “rely on 2015 500 000 in 2020, 500 million of the huge demand for new energy vehicle market to sell the the future Saab electric vehicle,” the idea that there are some not fly, plus see BYD, A123 Fisker, Tesla battery or new energy auto companies struggling recognize new energy vehicles in the foreseeable future will be just a burn trading future can engage in, but there must be support in operating income, until the new energy vehicle market mature far. Time, some Chinese dealers have also expressed their “traditional Saab fans and market in China still views with 9-3 intellectual property, production, testing and experimental facilities, plant, equipment, cash power total into Tool Company, S, A, A, B letters brand the right to use the traditional car most of the conditions needed for the production of NEVS began with original Saab suppliers and dealers to contact to discuss the restart of the possibility of the traditional Saab production .
    After Jiang Dalong came into contact with Qingdao, to explore the feasibility of Saab landing in China. Qingdao Mayor Zhang’s visit to the end of October in Europe, after examining the Dassault commercial aircraft in Paris, France, on direct flights to Sweden to examine the Swedish automobile manufacturing enterprises, called on NEVS and the seat of the Saab Automobile in Sweden Västmanland Province (Vastmanland) and 特洛尔海坦 city, from the government level and the corporate level to reach a consensus, finalized Saab intention of landing in China.
    Interesting information, Jiang Dalong studying Mälardalen University in Sweden in the early 1990s, once and Västmanland Province, succeeded in getting the Shandong Province of China, and Saab in Sweden Västmanland Province sisterhood Province has become messengers of friendship between the two countries, and Switzerland.

    The data show that in early 2011, the State Council officially approved the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Development Plan “, given the leading position in the core area of ​​Qingdao Blue Economic. Qingdao New set up the west coast of Qingdao Economic Area planning range Huangdao District, global Jiaonan City, New planning a land area of ​​2,096 square kilometers and a sea area of ​​about 5,000 square kilometers. Alfred where the previously mentioned Jiaonan Wangtai core position in the midst of the west coast of New Area Planning, is the main front of the building of the new district.

    Currently, one of the few car companies FAW Qingdao company, SAIC-GM-Wuling Qingdao in Qingdao. It is reported that the lack of “decent” car manufacturers is the heart of the seaside town “public servants” who has been the pain. So when the planning of the West Coast Economic Area will be the development of new energy vehicles, motor vehicles and parts industry as a priority. The planning is done, just waiting for the “Golden Phoenix” do nest.
    When the arrival of Shandong villagers braved biomass power generation, new energy vehicles and the Saab luxury sedan brand, as well as Swiss friendship messengers halo Jiang Dalong, let local officials shines. At this point, NEVS from the original production of conventional cars, “the long-awaited, still holds partly concealed” into a shirtless, completed its strategic planning adjustments and regression, announced in October last year, Beijing battery factory start operations, but also for its 2014 “adhere to” launch pure electric Saab ready. Qingdao to find a foothold for the “new energy vehicles” in the new development zone planning. So the two sides of a shoot both together, in just two months time, has not been signed about a feasibility study, but also created a small record you win a fight, and then China and Thailand “for nine days and nine nights”.
    “Money” hangs in the balance
    Karl-Erling Trogen bluntly, NEVS chairman of signing “(Qingdao) cooperation agreement implementation of NEVS business plan to ensure that adequate financial support, that is, Qingdao paid through the purchase of shares of NEVS 22% required 2 billion kronor (about 1.9 billion yuan), NEVS blood transfusion. 2 billion kronor acquisition NEVS 22% of the shares, can calculate the NEVS the current total value of about 9.1 billion kroner. And NEVS early last year specifically for acquisition of Saab’s remaining assets and set up a special company, in June last year NEVS spent SEK 1.8 billion acquisition of the remaining assets of Saab, then NEVS value is the value of the remaining assets of Saab, six months, to remove due to media promotional advertising effect NEVS actual premium of more than 500%, its owner Jiang Dalong can definitely be considered a genius businessman.
    In addition to the 20 billion kronor, the future of the joint venture or require huge capital investments, but NEVS as Saab and letters brand owners, it is estimated that as a stake in the joint venture company will be technology and brand, while the Chinese side, of course, is the land, the plant plus joint venture funds and foreign auto traditional “laosanyang,. This is the case, then the sign said 10 billion yuan, it is estimated that the maximum possible or from Qingdao and Green Bo investment company. China after the 1994 tax reform, local government revenue mainly from taxes, land transfer, the central transfer payment income, local bonds, local government revenues limited growth in the case of real estate policy has not relaxed in many places the risk of government debt is already high, a large number of investment companies are not sustainable.
    Qualification mystery
    Joint venture in the Chinese automotive industry, the total not open around the qualification and approval.

    Saab To Floor Qingdao, localized production began, the qualification will be always not open around Kaner. Proposed a joint venture of China – Qingdao Bo investment company is temporarily set up specifically for the acquisition NEVS shares in itself does not have a car production qualification, and the the Guoneng Power Group (State Power) and the National Electric Car Company (NEVS), although the name both with the word “country”, but not “country” and “country” in the national grid big difference. Country to power and the country’s electric vehicles are Jiang Dalong grandchildren, identities are foreign and do not have in China’s car production qualification. When three production qualification enterprise come together to engage in joint ventures, automobile production in China, almost impossible task. And, in the future, but also the production of new energy vehicles, but also in line with the relevant provisions in the new energy automobile manufacturing companies and product access management rules “.

    Perhaps the “shell” to do so through the acquisition of a qualified, canceled in the current policy context of the “shell” tenure, to be received by the “shell” to reduce at the same time long N firms are eyeing staring at Once available “shell”, wasp, like flying over berserk, where also the round was with Qingdao Saab this rookie? Do not say Qingdao Saab, even many Bisa Bo cattle Sweden fellow Volvo Geely help still does not solve the qualification problem, the Jaguar Land Rover Chery help only through the purchase of a qualification of the Beijing Fengtai narrowly passed; huge not solve the qualification problem is a joint venture with Saab was forced to choose to qualified young car pull; Changan because the Changhe Suzuki qualification problem almost led to social events; JAC Navier StarTech joint venture, Dongfeng Volvo truck joint venture and so are dragged. Therefore, the production qualification may become one of the most important difficulties Qingdao Saab to overcome.
    Approve this off, I believe the Qingdao government will do a lot of work, but in general now order through the introduction of own brand and core technology approval, Sino-foreign joint ventures must have two. Qingdao Saab even Saab brand is a problem, consider the joint venture brands these years. In terms of the introduction of the core technology, Saab, only cash 9-3 models “old technology” and the Phoenix platform uncompleted project “, I really do not know Saab as well as what kind of core technology could be introduced. In addition, China’s auto market has too much business, too much of the brand. The automotive industry has been classified by the Ministry of Industry, iron and steel, building materials industries with excess capacity, promote automotive industry mergers and acquisitions, shrinking reduce the number of auto companies has been to consider the principles of government takes.
    Of course, Mr. Jiang Dalong has extensive contacts with the Sino-Swiss bilateral political and business confidence, through a proxy, he told me, “If all else fails qualification, I will not rashly contract.”
    Capacity and market
    NEVS with Qingdao Saab joint venture plans to invest 10 billion, designed annual production capacity of 400,000, for a new enterprise, it is definitely a huge capacity. Plus original Swedish Saab factory double shifts 120,000, three shifts 190,000 capacity, a total capacity of nearly 60 million, for a year-on-year sales peak of less than 140,000 car brand, a bit too high idle capacity will cause a lot of waste, the investment payback period is longer, lower rate of return on investment.
    Is currently NEVS only got intellectual property for cash Saab 9-3 platform. Cash Saab 9-3 platform was developed in 2005, seven years to the present. Saab 9-3 several models from the market for the first time since 1998, except for 2003 to turn the Epsilon platform developed by Opel production basically has always belonged to the “medication”. Although this NEVS buy 2005 Saab 9-3 than 2009 BAIC to buy Saab 9-3 and older in the 1980s, Universal GM2400 and GM2900 platform-based the Epsilon platform on the 2003 models new, but so far there are at least seven “old age”.
    File I get NEVS to the supplier, NEVS plans to begin production from the first 34 weeks, in 2013, plans to produce 8000, 2014 production of 60,000 to 120,000 in 2015, they plan to begin production of the order of 9 ,9-box sedan, -3 Cabriolet reproduction 9-3X, in the end of 2013 and 2014 and then began to produce pure electric Saab 9-3.

    Although the automotive market, like Santana or Jetta this in 30 years, Somerset is not bad “example, but look around the world, almost’ve run out of the same car. Moreover, several cars Saab 9-3 and Santana or Jetta, cost-effective and competitive absolute level. In today’s competitive automotive market, “the doddering”‘s 9-3 In addition there are still a few die-hard fans in the market, like Wang Shi same can usher in a second spring is unlikely. Because this niche models in the most glorious era in its history a year, but eighteen thousand vehicles, all of a sudden production of 120,000 in 2015, and I really do not know that going to be sold.
    Although NEVS claimed to have got the intellectual property of the Saab Phoenix platform, but make Phoenix the “loose ends” of the platform engineering playing a truly out of the bus production platform, two to three years and a huge capital investment is absolutely impossible ‘s. Moreover, claims to have or learn more about the Phoenix platform, there are youth Spyker and the Swedish LeanNova, Combitech several companies in the Chinese market, the next single, is not derived from BAIC acquired EpsilonI platform based on the development of the Saab, the source SAIC Roewe series models in the Epsilon II Shanghai GM’s Buick line of cars by the general influence and learn from the Epsilon II platform, Opel Series models, young Spyker Saab Phoenix-based platform for non-exclusive use rights and the development of future Spyker the Phoenix series models, and so on “half-half” Saab models, absolute Qingdao Saab a “can not find the feeling of the North”.
    Suppliers and distributors
    Qingdao Saab Sweden Saab, in order to restart or start production the original Saab supply chain and sales channels already falling apart, the collapse of the closure of the switch careers. Restart the negotiations of the supply chain, to reshape the marketing system is not a few months will be able to get its original plan of NEVS recovery in the second half of 2013, production would mean good wishes nothing. When the NEVS send people to the original suppliers to explore the possibility of restarting production, airbag manufacturer Autoliv, the original 9-3 diesel engine suppliers do not want to again trip Saab share of muddy water, and one has been bitten by a snake, a decade afraid twice shy! Plus NEVS only buy the intellectual property of the Saab 9-3, and other models GM is also not authorized to produce, so everything had to start from scratch to R & D, less than 100 employees strength NEVS recruitment place order short-term development of the new models is prohibitively difficult.
    Finally, still have to say a few words about the new energy vehicles, although NEVS to adhere to the 2014 introduction of cash Saab 9-3 based on the development of pure electric 9-3, and prepared this electric car battery factory in Beijing last October The months began operations. The first 10 months of last year, the Chinese market, sales of new energy vehicles, including hybrids and pure electric 7713, this rate, by 2015, to achieve 500,000 in 2020 to achieve the 5 million new energy vehicles sales, if Shandong number of millions of electric low-speed tricycle count, basically not fly. Small market space will make pure electric 9-3 no place to go. Throughout the world, the new energy vehicle market is devastated. Bankruptcy from A123, Fisker around to look for financing and other events of view, pure electric as the representative of the world’s new energy vehicle development suffered a downturn. Countries, including China, are struggling to cope with the impact of the economic downturn color, no time to be more able to give more attention to the development of new energy and financial support. Basic still stay in the city on the demonstration project, basic backwater in real private consumption market, the automotive industry are beginning to calm reflection and strategic adjustment at low tide. As the core technology of the battery, the battery energy density NEVS announced only 146 Wh / kg, does not seem to have what excels over other battery companies. Pure electric road to NEVS confirmed from the outset, “a bright future, but the road twists and turns,” the truth, whether it is in Qingdao, China in Sweden Teluohaitan, are no exception.
    I heard NEVS joint venture in Qingdao, within a few weeks there will be a clear statement, and restart in Sweden paragraph 9-3 recent results will be announced negotiations with suppliers of all still have to wait and see.
    Also heard the beginning of this article that the young man called Alfred finally successfully booked two train tickets back Zhejiang Jinhua, he will be in the New Year’s Day with a beautiful girlfriend returned from Qingdao Jinhua New Year, might be able to hit the other in the local Stubbs is working to launch the Saab Automobile.
    Authorized Phoenix car of this article for reprint, please indicate the source and author
    Zhong Shi teacher views: Saab Automobile motor racing in the world has been almost completely erased the bankruptcy liquidation, but always on how much the Chinese concept “reincarnated” or Saab Automobile “shadow lingers all thanks to someone constantly fiddle with Saab Automobile, the business logic behind is that there are a lot of investors or speculators willing in the Chinese automobile market of a stroke, even if it is already a crowded forest to the next few saplings opaque suck a fat opportunity. This is Life-third of the dialysis Report the Qingdao 2,000,000,000 shares NEVS, Saab landing China’s future is unknown, the Chinese auto market is really at home and abroad “paradise for adventurers. Various sizes at home and abroad “Argonaut” this way, of course, it is there will be many “gold digger” only to go away and not return, halfway dead in the business. However, many local governments on the urgent demands of industrial upgrading, contributed to the confidence of the brightest adventurers and speculators. Lively beginning, all games will be the last, “one will be off the million marrow few winners and losers will be too numerous to count. Now we only see Where volumes Ru Sabo the car playing Bureau of China also failed to Amoy gold from mined out, go down several buried.

    • May be this be is the best life dialysis example of the reason that the UnitedSaabs has a policy of comments that does not allow dumping of articles in the section for the comments. Now fried, brain.

    • I’ve randomly read some sentences of that “litter”.
      – Chinese 2 English Google doesn’t work well.
      – There are plenty of wrong statements.
      – This is simply not a comment.

      Links to articles with some comments from you are always welcome.

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