9 thoughts on “Who would you give the keys to your Saab?”

  1. Nice video…. πŸ™‚
    The ideal ‘other person’ that I would trust with my good old 9000 2.3T would be a pilot familiar with flying older aircraft.
    You know the type; very gentle on the throttle, smooth as silk, methodical and intuitively in touch with the machine…

  2. At this time, the two mechanics of the SAAB delarship(now they own the dealership), those are the only ones allowed to drive my SAABs.

    I only leave to my father once, on the highway, in a long trip. I received a speeding ticket for going 181, the car was OEM(vector 175bhp), and when he took it, said……….”Is not strange they got you a speeding ticket”, my god how it goes”…..Imagine now with Stage4+ from maptun, jejejeje. My brother never took it, and never will do(for sure, driving it isn’t one of it’s strong points), and my friends, only one drove it once and with me on the passenger side.

  3. Guys, I was just thinking who will drive my SAAB 9-5 in the next few weeks when I will be far away in Asia…Not the best moment to see this video lol :D:D Maybe the ex-owner (a friend) is the best choice, hope he hasn’t so many personalities πŸ™‚

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