The Footman James 34th Bristol Classic Car Show (UK)

On the weekend of 20 & 21st April The Footman James 34th Bristol Classic Car Show will take place at the Royal Bath & West Showground, Somerset, United Kingdom.

It is possibly the oldest classic car show in the UK.

The local Saab Group, Great Western Saabs, along with a little help from South West Saab will have a stand which is 24 x 5 metres!! Dave believes this too not only the largest single marque stand at the show, but may also be the largest SAAB stand ever assembled at an indoor show in the UK.


A few pictures from the 2012 show can be found here and here

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Saab 900 stolen in Leipzig, Germany

Talladega red 900

Via we were asked for help in the case of a stolen Saab.

Last year three Classic Saab 900 were stolen in Leipzig, Germany and just today another the one above also diappeared. It’s a ’92 model , Talladega red with Airflow-Kit and light grey leather on the inside. As to be seen in the picture above a part of the Airflow-Kit is missing on bith sides. A further unique point of that car are the RHD wipers. It has brand new Hella headlights, a Bilstein B6 suspension, rear wiper, Abbott-Motorsport-Stickers and a Carlsson twin exhaust. The number plate is L-TU 900.

It feels like there in Leipzig Classic Saab 900 are on the list of some car thieves. Please keep your eyes open, not only in Germany but also in it’s neigbour countries where the car might show up. If you notice that car or parts of it advertised for sale please infornm the respective authorities or send a mail to the team at It might not only bring that Saab back to its owner but maybe also help to avoid further cases.

Spoiler Alert: More Photoshop Fun

Now that the CGI images from Jason Castriota have had chance to circulate a little more, we’ve had time to really start to study what Saab details he chose to celebrate. For me, my favorite part is the side profile and back. I even love the controversial ducktail and its connection to the 900. To start out, I wanted to see what would happen if we put a set of my favorite black Hirsch wheels on it to see what it might look like.

After the break we’ll see have some more fun with photoshop and Jason’s 9-3.

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I just received an email from Chris of SPNA which explains that SPNA is selling classic parts on eBay. They literally have page after page of listings of classic parts available from grilles to window motors, there is a lot to chose from. The listings went up last Friday and there are around 1600 parts listed under the seller name of “saabautomobilepartsna”.

Check out what they have here.

Saab is Still Hot

Proving once again that Saabs will always be prep icons, Vampire Weekend’s first single Diane Young from their highly anticipated new album Modern Vampires of the City recently dropped, and features two 80s Saabs that are literally on fire. While some may find it sad and distasteful to waste such great cars (and I’ll admit I’m in that camp), I’d hope that their artistic death may actually reach a younger generation of car fans who can appreciate how freaking beautiful they are. Ah, who am I kidding? I’m reaching for an excuse because I like the band, I’m still sore that they killed them. Still, I don’t think it deserves the fanatic ranting its received on social media. My hope is that the outrage prompts them to do something awesome with other Saabs in the future. I’m not sure yet if the video is about someone who actually torched the lead singer’s car (see the lyrics), or if its a metaphor to Sweden killing Saab, but at the very least it proves Saabs are still relevant. In any event, a lot more cars die for far worse causes than a good band’s music.

Filmed in Brooklyn looking towards the Williamsburg and Brooklyn bridges towards Lower Manhattan, the video is a good reminder that the New York Auto Show is this week. I’ll be there with Jason Castriota for an SU exclusive interview with much more insight into what was to come for the 9-3. If you’re a Vampire Weekend fan, click past the break for their other new single, Step.

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