Saab 900 stolen in Leipzig, Germany

Talladega red 900

Via we were asked for help in the case of a stolen Saab.

Last year three Classic Saab 900 were stolen in Leipzig, Germany and just today another the one above also diappeared. It’s a ’92 model , Talladega red with Airflow-Kit and light grey leather on the inside. As to be seen in the picture above a part of the Airflow-Kit is missing on bith sides. A further unique point of that car are the RHD wipers. It has brand new Hella headlights, a Bilstein B6 suspension, rear wiper, Abbott-Motorsport-Stickers and a Carlsson twin exhaust. The number plate is L-TU 900.

It feels like there in Leipzig Classic Saab 900 are on the list of some car thieves. Please keep your eyes open, not only in Germany but also in it’s neigbour countries where the car might show up. If you notice that car or parts of it advertised for sale please infornm the respective authorities or send a mail to the team at It might not only bring that Saab back to its owner but maybe also help to avoid further cases.

15 thoughts on “Saab 900 stolen in Leipzig, Germany”

  1. First-generation 900s have also been hot targets of car thieves here in Seattle, U.S.A, which is not surprising when one considers the high price of 900 parts.

  2. That car is very similar to my own. I came out of church this evening and saw a very handsome almost newish looking 9-4x. Interesting! Might have belonged to one of those Poles inside.

  3. We will keep our eyes open here in Belgium as well.
    However were the papers stolen as well?
    In The Netherlands for example you can check on line if a car is registered as stolen or not when you enter the plate or the chassis number.
    By doing that it becomes more difficult to sell such a car again.

  4. Very sad! Makes me really angry too!! People should really consider installing theft protection AND maybe do some tricks (hidden switches etc) to make them more difficult to steal. I´ve got ´91 900 Aero and I really feel bad about these news of 900´s get stolen.

  5. Unfortunately they are way to easy to steal. My old 900 CV ´87 had been stolen in Seattle found and repaired by RH Garage on Aurora Ave.

  6. An effective, cheap and low-tech anti-theft measure is to have the license plate number engraved in the glass of each window.

  7. Is there any chance local repair shops that know Saabs have an insider who watches for these (to steal)? Just an idea.. My local Saab bodyshop told me to leave the keys in mine (900) when I dropped it off, as they did not need the key to get into it it was so easy to open.

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