6 thoughts on “SAAB Of The Week”

  1. Sorry to shatter the illusion but it’s constant rain and floods in OZ these days, my black aero convertible is chaffing at the bit to get out! from NSW

  2. Not only is a great looking car, my personal experience with my 2005 Arc is that it is very reliable. I wish I could say that it is the baby in the garage just waiting for nice weather but the reality is that I commute 110 miles a day with it, came through 4 inches of snow today. With over 160,000 miles it runs very well , everything works just fine. It is amazing how well the heating system and insulation work when it gets below O Farenheit. My fondest hope is that the last of them have not been yet built and that the possibility of a Saab Convertible hybrid exists.

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