SAAB Of The Week

This weeks SAAB Of The Week comes from Freddy and is his 9-3 after a good snow fall. With 104 likes on our Facebook page, this one was a clear winner.

Flexline 100

If you’re not on Facebook and still want to see the photos that are added, click on the SOTW tab above and check out some of the fabulous cars that have been added. We even have some exceptionally rare cars owned by SU friends like these two below. The photos are added as they come in, so check back often and keep the photos coming to [email protected]

Arjans beautiful Aero. Sky Blue colour.
9-3 Independence of Daniel Ploetz from Franconia, Germany

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@Freddy – that snow font should be Gill Sans 😉


So the Richard @ ANA Trollhättan sold his private Skyblue to Holland…. Seams like many if the best historical Saab specimens end up there. Swedes have not yet understood the true value of Saab cars, especially the older ones with historical prominence.


No, no, no ….you’ve got it all wrong, this is NEVs top secret new 93, under cover [pun intended]


Very impressive photos.

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