SPNA-No Charge Oil Change Offer Extended

Saab Parts North America extends the no charge oil change service on MY ’10 & ’11s until June 30, 2013. This also is what triggers the start of the Saab Secure Program for those that have not taken advantage as of yet. Call your Saab service provider for details and if available in your area. I am aware that some dealers are not taking part at their choice but for those of you that have dealers that are, sign up and take advantage, the worst that will happen is that you get a free oil change.


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Party pooper here:
Considering that most of us are driving pre-2010 Saabs this is just a nice gesture but not much more.

Šarūnas Burdulis

It’s March and our 2011 9^3 XWD was due for the yearly New Hampshire state inspection. It had only 1690 miles since we bought it last Fall, but I thought it would also be good to do the first oil change early for the new engine, especially that the car was driven mostly in short distances. Went to Gary Blake Saab and was pleasantly surprised that the oil change will be free and the state inspection — at half the price. Of course the car gets washed and vacuumed, as usual. Not much to complain about 🙂

Ralph Williams

Took my 2010 9-3 convertible to Ed Schmidt Saab in Perrysburg, Ohio on Friday and signed up. Free oil change and car wash followed. Very appreciated for sure.


I think its a gesture in a positive direction. I know my step-son who has a 2011 9-3 appreciates any gesture of good will from SPNA.


Party pooper X’s 2 here… (and just trying to put heat on GM)- not much consulation for those w/ 10’s and 11’s and no warranty. It’s no different than what Castrol offered on any brand some yrs ago.

Jerry Marr

I brought my 9-3 to Herb Chambers in Boston for an oil change. The SPNA site lists them as an authorized service provider. However, they are not participating in the program so I had to pay for the change and will not be able to take advantage of this program since I won’t be needing another oild change by the end of June. Make sure to verify before you bring your car in that the service center is participating in this program, since the SPNA site does not identify those that are.

Daniel Chicago

I’m having trouble finding an authorized center in Chicago. I’ve spoken to the folks at Perillo Auto Group and they are waiting for the process/procedures to come from SPNA. No other dealerships in the area are participating in Saab Secure. I imagine SPNA only has a few people working on this and aren’t able to get these packages out to dealerships fast enough so that’s probably why it’s been extended. I’m taking a road trip in a few weeks so I was hoping to not have to pay for an oil change on my NG 9-5 but looks like I… Read more »

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