I just received an email from Chris of SPNA which explains that SPNA is selling classic parts on eBay. They literally have page after page of listings of classic parts available from grilles to window motors, there is a lot to chose from. The listings went up last Friday and there are around 1600 parts listed under the seller name of “saabautomobilepartsna”.

Check out what they have here.

6 thoughts on “SPNA On EBay”

  1. Mixed bag, ranging from pre-1990 to 2010.
    You need to know the exact part number, their store front is _very_ difficult to navigate.

  2. Here are a few suggestions for phase 2:

    The first part you should sell is the parts catalog. Put it up online, or let people download it. Put a link to the catalog in every auction listing.
    Amazon. Because more people use it, and you don’t have to go through paypal.
    Canada. SPNA already ships to Canadian dealers, so the hard part is done (customs brokers, etc).

  3. Well nothing wrong with Ebay as a venue, you don’t have to use paypal.
    However I have very mixed reaction to this. For the vast majority of the parts listed prices are off by a factor of 10 if they actually expect sell them. There are a few things that seem OK , like a steering wheel for $100, but cheapest items are nuts (no really as in nuts and bolts) and they are over $10 each. How about a door trim panel for $450 or a short block for $3,500.

    I do appreciate the effort to create the listings and there will be some who will be glad to find a new part to finish a restoration. But in the main it is a waste of time at these prices to even bother to look.

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