What happened in the meantime.

SaabsUnited was down for maintenance for one week. And during this week lots of things have happened. Here are some snippets from the last week.

Last Tuesday the Geneva Motor Show opened its doors to the press. This time two things were missing at the motor show, on the one side NEVS had no both on the show, which makes sense as they have nothing to show at this moment, and on the other side SU had no reporters in Geneva too give you a first hand impression of the news from the auto industry.

But thanks to the internet we have been well aware of what was going on in that nice city in western Switzerland.

In September of last year Koenigsegg reached two milestones in their company life. In 2002 Koennigsegg delivered the first car to a customer, ten years later they started the production of their 100th production car.

From their press release

2002 – After eight painstaking years of constant development, the small striving Koenigsegg team delivered the first production cars to anticipating customers.

10 years later, in September 2012, the first carbon prepreg pieces were cut on the routing machine for Koenigesgg’s 100th production car. The car was duly named “Hundra” (Swedish for 100) – a unique one-off Agera S being built for an excited car collector.

Fast forward to March 2013 – The Hundra is finished in time for the 2013 Geneva Auto Salon. A beautiful clear carbon right hand drive Agera S with celebratory, artisan hand laid and swirled, 24 carat gold leaf inlays, creating an intriguing mix of traditional and hi-tech craftsmanship.


Taking into account that this car cost only half as much as the fugly Lamborghini Veneno, and that the Veneno will be one third as exclusive as the Hundra, I would rather pay for Swedish engineering excellence than for an Audi on steroids.

Spyker has returned to Geneva, they did not only announce that the C8 Aileron has finally started production, but they also unveiled a new baby Spyker called B6 Venator.


From the press release

The Spyker B6 Venator Concept is a compact, 2-door mid-engine sports car that will offer the discerning driver of the highest standards a new choice, delivering a rare combination of heritage, design, performance and exclusivity.

Designed by Victor R. Muller, Chief Executive Officer of Spyker N.V., the Spyker B6 Venator Concept makes a defiantly contemporary statement whilst paying homage to its past, making it instantly recognizable as a Spyker. Highly detailed design, bespoke materials and aviation-inspired elements are a core part of the Spyker DNA. With the announcement of the Spyker B6 Venator Concept, the company once again proves its Latin axiom: “Nulla tenaci invia est via” – “For the tenacious no road is impassable.” The name “Venator” is Latin as well, meaning “Hunter” – a nod back to Spyker’s “Hunter” fighter aircraft of the early 20th century.

There a rumours in the net that the Venator was designed by Lotus engineering and it is based on the Evora platform. First, why not? and second, Lotus know how to make great drivers cars and Spyker know how to make a car feel upmarket, it would be a perfect combination.

NEVS did not have a booth in Geneva but they were there. Victor Jensen from the Swedish Radio met Matthias Bergman from NEVS in Geneva.

According to Mathias Bergman, several people from NEVS where at the Car Show having many meetings with different parties.

Mr Bergman as always did not want to talk about the future, but according to him, NEVS is still targeting to build cars this year.

NEVS is still hiring people, in the past you could se one or two job offerings per week, but currently you will see four on their website. And one of them may be interesting for all the people that are still hoping for ICE or hybrid Saab cars.

NEVS is searching for a Test cell Engineer, and this is the job description:

We are looking for a Test Engineer who will work with
– detailed planning of testing
– tests in engine cells
– analyzing test results as emissions, pressures and temperatures
– creating different cycles during testing
– calibration of different test cell components
– preventive maintenance and technical expertise in different systems

In short, they are searching for an engineer that tests IC-Engines. This can be interpreted as, they will not only offer the current 9-3 as a ICE version, but future Saabs will have an ICE either as pure ICE or as hybrids, and whatever engine they buy, Saab will fine tune it.

I’m not quite sure about this, but I think NEVS has changed the text that described the company. I thought that NEVS was a company focusing only on EV’s, but the current text can be interpreted differently.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB builds on the Saab Automobile AB legacy of innovative power, quality, progressive design and a firm commitment to environmental and safety issues. Our aim is to be a front runner in the automotive industry, with focus on electric vehicles.

Call me a believer if you want, but I think NEVS are quite aware of what makes sense and what not, and currently they are small and flexible, and imho they will change the vision of the brand accordingly to the needs of the market, always keeping an eye on the environment and the safety.

Saab.com isn’t anymore.

Saab Parts have a new web address. If you go to www.saab.com you will be redirected to www.saabparts.com

So now the two official Saab web addresses are www.saabparts.com and www.saabcars.com.

It is nice to see that each site has a link to the other one.

Saab Parts keeps expanding. In Sweden three new authorised repairers have opened in the last weeks according to Ttela.se. Currently you can service your Saab in Sweden in more garages than the days before the bankruptcy.

In Germany there are many inquires of former Saab Partners that would like to be an authorised garage again.

And on Friday I read on Twitter that in Madrid, Spain a new Saab garage has opened.

Our Brand is alive because we love our cars, and as long as we love them people will invest money in our brand.

I know, more things happened in the meantime, but I’m already over 1.000 words. 🙂

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The Spyker B6 Venator Concept is a compact, 2-door mid-engine sports car that will offer the discerning driver of the highest standards a new choice, delivering a rare combination of heritage, design, performance and exclusivity.

Designed by Victor R. Muller… Ah, that explains everything 🙂


I wonder how it drives. This thing is seriously high and with the V6 the center of gravity is not really going to sit very low. Not a Porsche Hunter (pun intended) I’m afraid.

Not much information to be found, especially the engine is a mystery.
The exterior is a carbon fiber skin over an Aluminum frame. You need quite a bit of expertise to build something like this, not too mention a big autoclave. I don’t think that this gets build in Zeewolde.


V. Mullers diary looks something like this;

Monday. Sue GM for $3billion
Tuesday. Flog company to Chinese for $25m
Wednesday. Restart long dormant spyker production line
Thursday . Save saab.
Friday. Free day, coz Thursday didnt go so well. Hmm what shall I do?

Oh, I know! I’ll just quickly design a new supercar. That ‘ll fill an hour or two.

(Actually, I think the spyker is quite pretty)


Thanks for the snippets, Red J! The future looks promising! 🙂

Angelo V.

I wonder if they’ll have a booth at next year’s show? For the record, you don’t need product in production to have a small booth. Anyway, I hope they move full speed ahead—-can walk and chew gum, so that by the time they have a product to sell, assuming they do, there might still be a couple dozen people who want it. It’s getting a little ridiculous waiting for them to start talking.


I’m pretty sure the Spyker B6 is based on the Artega GT – which makes sense because Artega (like Saab) went bust in 2012:


MJK (Michael J Kimberley, CEO of Lptus 2006-2009) quit his job in 2009 due to illnes. Today feeling better he wants back in the automotive industry. If you wanted to chat with him during Geneva he was in the Spyker stand. Nothing official announced yet, but this according to his son on a Lotus forum.

On to Saab.
Swedish Auto, motor & sport has a very good ans several pages long article of the Phoeinix 9-3/900. This with interview with Castriota and good pictures of the latest car.

I thought this would be a SU article, what happened?


It already was. Between the server move and Geneva, things have been a little hectic at SU. The extended version with video will come as soon as we get a longer sit down with Jason. He just got back from Geneva, and has been very busy with meetings. I’m going to try to organize something more exciting around the end of the month in New York for those interested.


Me too. I even commented on this (Auto motor&sport) last week but my comment never seem to pass the moderation stage at SU.Would be great to see those high res pictures at SU.



-checks said website-

Pictures! Lots of them! I want to see those! Certainly looks nicer than the mules we’ve seen on here so far 🙂

Well, from what i can make out from the tiny images on that site.


I have a larger screen shot of the ones from AMS on my personal FB but those photos are theirs so we will have to wait until the story is done for SU before we can release them here. It is a beauty from what I see. I shared the photos around facebook quite a bit once they came out. Hopefully we will have something very soon. We can’t always be the first to get everything but we will have the photos and accompanied story shortly I am sure.

See my screenshot here if it works for you: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152119825025639&set=a.10150124696170639.326868.647185638&type=1&theater


Link isnt working, but thans anyway 🙂
Now all we need to do is wait until the end of March and then FINALLY we get to see it!


The Spyker-Lotus tie-up has been an official thing for several years, and there is Lotus DNA in the C8 Aileron. (Official since 2008, co-operation for several years before that)
It’s a tough decision but I’ve decided I’ll take the Agera for special trips and the Venator for running around 😉


The Venator’s V6 is probably the Toyota engine as fitted to the Lotus Evora. A very good engine as far as I can see.


24 carat gold leaf inlays?

Angelo V.

Well, apparently nothing happened at NEVS while the site was down. In fact, according to the saabcars website, nothing has happened since January 14. That was the last “news” entry they had. I guess they’re resting. They’ve worked so hard, who can blame them?

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