Inside Look At SPNA

Ever since SPNA has existed there have been questions about how well stocked they are, what they are doing to replenish the Saab parts supply and even others that just want to see inside. Recently Tim Rokka was at Saab Parts in Sweden and his visit prompted me to contact the guys at SPNA to see if I could get some photos of the warehouse and to answer some operational questions. This is what I got.


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My Love Affair With The 900 Turbo explained……

P1000066Following on from Madelene’s post, I thought I would write my own tribute to the wonderful Saab 900 Turbo. (my example pictured)

Turbocharging was once the domain of the fast and exotic, till Saab got to work and offered the 900.

Prior to the 1980s, mainstream motoring was largely devoid of turbochargers. During the 1960s, Chevrolet and Oldsmobile had experimented with turbocharging in the US, and BMW and Porsche were to go further the following decade by developing two iconic sports cars the 2002 Turbo and 911 Turbo respectively. But neither of these were the sort of vehicles you’d see very often in the real world. Especially not suburban Wales!

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Will bacteria kill the EV?


Till now biodiesel is not suitable for all diesel engines. But regarding to an article on the NewScientist, a group of bioscientists from the university of Exeter around Dr. John Love have managed to alter the DNA of E. coli bacteria to make diesel fuel from glucose from plants that is almost identical to conventional diesel fuel.

The next step is to learn how to scale-up the laboratory experiment to mass produce this biologically produced diesel fuel.

A further interesting aspect of this is that for mass production, the DNA of the bacteria can be further tweaked so you can feed them with straw or animal manure to produce diesel fuel, according to Dr. Love.

You can also read the article from the university of Exeter.

Stolen 900 back home

900 Talladega

A month ago we ran the story that a red 900 was stolen in Leipzig, Germany. Since it was not the first classic Saab that was stolen in that area the community was quick in reaction and the story spread throughout forums and blogs all across Europe. I don’t know if it was for that reason that the thieves lost interest in the 900 or if it was for another reason, but let’s hear the unbelievable story in the owner’s own words:

“My Red Saab 900 has showed up again just one street away! Exactly three weeks after he was stolen. My son (6) came along that street with Grandpa and almost on a sidenote told me that my car stood there. I could not believe it, but it was true.
Registration plates (L-TU 900) and the green sticker, Becker radio and amplifier as well as all the loose content (child seats, heated side mirrors, etc. – what one happens to have lying around) of the car are missing. But the car is intact and it still drives. Of course I called the police before I touched anything. They did not take fingerprints though. Also there will be no handwriting comparison, although the “user” left a vile “Sorry” on a paper snippet of a bill that was in the car. On that bill are two shaft seals, which were still in the trunk and of course are gone… “

Of course this leaves a few open questions about how things went but we for sure have a happy owner.

The relationship with Saab

Relationship? It may sound strange. But if you really think about it, that’s exactly what we have, a relationship. The thought struck me today during my visit at the Veteran market in Nossebro (Essunga, Sweden). I found myself in a frantic tunnel  vision, I was so busy searching  after everything that had something  to do with Saab (occurs very often). To society, the Veteran market is a market full of classic cars, moped parts, car parts and nostalgic stuff. I had to stop myself when I realized my eyes searched through the area to see how many Saabs I could find in place. And that overwhelming feeling of joy when I laid my eyes on a Saab got me thinking.

I don’t know if I’m slightly insane who feels this way, but isn’t the honest truth that we actually do have a relationship with Saab? Through the years, we’ve been standing united side by side through success, setbacks, sorrow, joy, disappointment, hope and promises. The feeling that always consists is the joy and pride among the people, the will to preserve the history of Saab, the passion, the cars and the feelings. The whole deal is pretty amazing, in my opinion it is very much like a relationship.

To me, Saab has been very rewarding in many ways, I’ve met many like-minded friends (including my soulmate), I’ve gained a new perspective on things in life. And the things Saab enthusiasts have in common is the passion, the fire that has been kept alive for so many years. I admire the enthusiasm and strength among the Saab people, the fighting spirit, the soul within the cars, the link between the car and driver, and the story behind it. And I am forever grateful for everything Saab has giving me and continues to give, and I know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

SAAB Of The Week

It is somewhat amazing to watch when the Saab Of The Week entries come in. Some vehicles receive a few likes here and there and then there are the ones like the 89 C900 Carlsson submitted by Dom yesterday that has just gone crazy with 114 people showing they like it, 10 people commenting about it and another 4 people sharing with friends and other groups. I think this car was probably first registered in 89 but the model year is most likely a 1990. The Carlsson 900’s were built for three years from 90-92 and they only produced about 200 each year in black, Talladega red or white. To say these cars are rare would be a huge understatement. There were 600 total produced and they are coming up on 25 years old real quick, even if you went as far to say that 30% of them had survived, that is only 180. With 20 plus years on them and the chance of wrecks or just age, I’m sure the number may be lower. There is a great webpage with lots of info on these cars here. Thanks Dom for sharing and as always keep the submission coming to [email protected].


SOC GB “Golden Flag” Relay

As some of you may know it is the Golden Jubilee of the Saabs Owners Club here in the UK. To celebrate the 50th year the SOC is organising a ‘golden’ flag relay, much like last years Olympic torch relay.

The flag will be delivered from branch to branch, and it is the club’s intention that each branch signs it as they pass it on, together with a photograph taken of the handover ceremony.
It will start with the East Sussex branch at the beginning of May and move clockwise around the local branches, ending up with East Anglia, where a pre- tour for the International is being held.

From there the flag will be delivered to the International and proudly put on display.

Toby Field has the flag at the moment and he will be travelling to The Lakeside Country Park in Eastleigh on the 5th May to hand it over to Alex and Robin from South West Saab at around 12 mid day.

All are welcome to come along to any of the hand overs and say hi and get in the picture too.

The 2nd hand over will be at the “Swedish Day” event (near Yeovil) on the 12th May where “SWS” will hand the flag over to “West Mids & Warwickshire Saab” Again a photo will be taken.

Please get in touch with any of the local group for date and location details if you wish to see any of the hand overs. And be in the photo.
I will try and publish updates etc here (on this thread) as and when we get them.toby & flag

Hirsch Front Spoiler and Side Sills for the 9-5 II

9-5 Hirsch Performance

For quite some time the Hirsch Performance front spoiler and side sills for the second generation 9-5 were not available anymore. Now, encouraged by demand, Hirsch Performance again made a small amount of those parts. No surprise that they were sold out within hours.

Right now they are looking into the possibility of setting up another production round if there is demand. If you are interested please contact Markus Lafrentz of Saab Service Kiel, who initiated this and coordinates the orders. Of course this is not limited to customers from Germany, I am sure he can arrange deliverey to wherever you are.

Quite a while ago I could experience the Hirsch Performance 9-5 in the wilderness and I also drove it up to the SaabsUnited Octoberfest in 2011. Those aerodynamic additions are part of an impressive package. I just spoke to Hirsch and there are also some other parts available like springs for the 2.8T and rear spoilers.

Surely worth a look and a unique chance to make a special car even more individual.

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