Convertible days are here again

One of our guest writers, Paul of “SAAB vs Scepticism” managed to get the roof down on his classic 900 and wrote these words for you all to enjoy.

paul 900

Slowly I see signs of Spring, warmer days, soft blue skies and a freshness that makes you smile. So, with a few days away from work, it seemed like the ideal chance to drop the top and enjoy the pleasures of the 900 convertible.

Cleaned and polished, it’s hard to just hop in and go, so I took the time to admire (and photograph) this iconic Saab. Everywhere you look, there appears to be automotive beauty waiting to greet your eyes, the immaculate horizontal lines running the entire length of the car, the bonnet, the gorgeous curve of the windscreen and, of course, the Carlsson alloys.

I’ve enjoyed giving the entire interior a bit of tlc over Winter, and it’s nice to see the results under the sky at last. The leather seats are supple and luxuriously comfortable again, and I’ve put the wind deflector back in.

I love this car with the roof up, but nothing quite prepares you for just how timeless the 900 looks with it down.

I finally climbed in and took it for a 100 mile run, country lanes mostly, but a few fast roads to clear away the Winter cobwebs. I’ve also had time to enjoy the changes made by the guys at Abbott Racing, and they feel good. It feels faster and unbelievably smooth, the handling is still seriously tight, but above all, it feels reassuringly Saab, it puts a smile on your face only a Saab convertible can.

I happily returned home not realising I’d been gone for a few hours, that’s what Saab convertibles do, they make you lose yourself in the moment.

Therer are many more pictures at the home page also news of the convertibles future.
Thank you Paul for sharing.

14 thoughts on “Convertible days are here again”

  1. Lovely looking car, pressed my C900 convertible back into daily service last week. They are a joy to drive, shame I haven’t had a chance to get the roof down yet though!

  2. I am very much looking forward to pick up our classic vert in Vermont next Wednesday. I think I will be pampering this gem in the next few years. Haven’t found any tuning parts for the engine in the US or Canada. Anybody have a clue?

    • I have a feeling the guys at Abbott Racing ship to the US and Canada, they have some great tuning goodies for the classic 900s, and are hugely knowledgable. I had an upgraded ECU, dump valve, upgraded fuel pump and a few other bits fitted by them last year, massive difference.

      Whatever you find for it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Look forward to seeing a pictures when you pick it up.

      • Indeed, they are the only ones I found doing the classic 900.
        Will gladly post pictures. Have already made SOTW at SU last week. 🙂

      • It’s a 94 model, has a lot the original extras inc air con and walnut dash. The bigger wrap is difficult to keep clean and black, but really does finish the lines off nicely, especially with the roof down.

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