Happy Birthday Nicolas

Today we would like to say a big Happy 35th Birthday to our great friend Nicolas Demuynck.
Many of you will know him as one of the organisers of the Belgium International from 2012.

Well today he celebrates in style in Luxembourg with his friend Roby Fouarge who turns 40.

This weekend Nicolas also launches his book  ‘Saab 64 – A Tribute to the History of Saab’ as well as putting on the tour of Luxembourg we mentioned at SU here.

A great excuse for Saab fans to be in Luxembourg this weekend for sure.


  • 5-4 2013 40th anniversary of our good friend Roby Fouarge.
  • 5-4 2013 35th anniversary of Nicolas.
  • 6-4 2013 Official presentation of Nicolas’ book ‘Saab 64 – A Tribute to the History of Saab’.
  • The 60 more reasons we’ll find out this weekend :)

Welcome to all to have a drink on it in Luxembourg !


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nicolas”

  1. A very Happy Birthday Nicolas too from here in Wales, I am so sorry I was unable to make it there but I am sure you will have a good time if the way you organised the Belgium International is anything to go by! Happy Birthday once again my friend and hope to see you again soon.

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