Hirsch Front Spoiler and Side Sills for the 9-5 II

9-5 Hirsch Performance

For quite some time the Hirsch Performance front spoiler and side sills for the second generation 9-5 were not available anymore. Now, encouraged by demand, Hirsch Performance again made a small amount of those parts. No surprise that they were sold out within hours.

Right now they are looking into the possibility of setting up another production round if there is demand. If you are interested please contact Markus Lafrentz of Saab Service Kiel, who initiated this and coordinates the orders. Of course this is not limited to customers from Germany, I am sure he can arrange deliverey to wherever you are.

Quite a while ago I could experience the Hirsch Performance 9-5 in the wilderness and I also drove it up to the SaabsUnited Octoberfest in 2011. Those aerodynamic additions are part of an impressive package. I just spoke to Hirsch and there are also some other parts available like springs for the 2.8T and rear spoilers.

Surely worth a look and a unique chance to make a special car even more individual.

12 thoughts on “Hirsch Front Spoiler and Side Sills for the 9-5 II”

  1. I am still looking for a carbon Leather Instrument Panel ( HUD) which is not available anymore.
    Would there any chance they make these again as well?

  2. Yep, I know a lot of people that would like to buy a Hirsch roof spoiler for a Sport Combi, but they are not produced anymore. What a pity! Why would Hirsch stop making parts, people still would like to buy them, it still must be profitable!

  3. Like many, I wish they would continue to offer all products, especially their wheels but I do understand not wanting to have a large stock of parts with the uncertainty of when they may sell. That being said, MapTun seems to have ramped up their product offering, maybe they can start to offer stuff that they haven’t in the past…. customizing and tuning is a part of what makes Saab so much fun and allows for individuality. Good luck to Saab Service Kiel and thanks for taking the initiative here to get something going again.

  4. Problem,
    I have been informed that there is no paint for my Granite Gray (Silver) 2010 9-5. You cant even get touch-up paint for it. If this is not true than I will order ASAP! Can someone tell me if they come pre-painted or what?


    • not sure about touch up paint but for a body shop I wouldn’t see the problem as all paints are mixed on site by painters based on manufacturer specs.

      • +1

        The paint is available as non-OEM paint through various companies on the web. Just Google search “touch up paint Saab 9-5”

    • Granite Gray Metallic is identical to GM’s Silver Lake Metallic. It appears that the only other car it was used on was the 2009-2011 Opel/Vauxhall/Saturn Astra. The Saab paint code is GEV which corresponds to GM’s WA811S or 322.

      Finding paint isn’t a problem for the NG 9-5. And despite the scarcity of Hirsch components for the NG 9-5, they are plentiful in comparison to replacement windshields.

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