Inside Look At SPNA

Ever since SPNA has existed there have been questions about how well stocked they are, what they are doing to replenish the Saab parts supply and even others that just want to see inside. Recently Tim Rokka was at Saab Parts in Sweden and his visit prompted me to contact the guys at SPNA to see if I could get some photos of the warehouse and to answer some operational questions. This is what I got.


The warehousing, distribution and sales of Saab parts and accessories is handled through the Allentown, PA warehouse.  Measuring 153,000 sq. /ft., with over 50,000 part numbers and 70,000 parts on-hand, the facility receives shipments on a weekly basis and ships daily nationwide across the service center network.  The facility can ship over 3,000 order lines each day.

Allentown PA PDC 075 Allentown PA PDC 008
The warehouse facility is stocked with the parts service centers and owners need.  And with recent agreements to use Saab Automobile’s press and body shop to manufacture replacement body panels and assembled parts, body shops will find an abundance of available stock for all current models, ensuring everything from routine maintenance to complete repair work is performed quickly and efficiently.

Allentown PA PDC 068 Allentown PA PDC 037 Allentown PA PDC 057 Allentown PA PDC 002 Allentown PA PDC 038

In a very short time, SPNA has made the parts business better for dealers and customers, in most cases better than before bankruptcy. Are there still some issues with certain parts availability? Yes, that being said they are doing absolutely everything in their powers to fix these problems. As far as SPNA goes, it is rather ensuring to me to have been granted access through photos and contact to see that they are fully operational and there for all of us. The guys at SPNA check SU every day and read your comments and even reply in the posts from time to time and operate as a hands on team that are always there when called upon. I want to thank Christopher Wiseman at SPNA who when I had emailed what I was looking for had emailed me back with photos and words within a couple of hours, that is just the way these folks are.



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How neat to learn after living in the Lehigh Valley/ABE area (Eastern Pennsylvania, USA for our friends in rest of the world) all my life, that Saab Parts NA is right in my backyard!! Small world isn’t it?? Thanks for the pics and info!

Steve C.

Living where I do in New Jersey, the Allentown facility is an hour or so away (and just about all highway). I’ve been there as part of a NJ Saab Club outing, probably in the 90s.


They better hide that Griffin!


Saab parts have been arriving at our dealership in droves. It’s been a welcome sight. All the folks at SPNA have been working their tails off and have proven to have a commitment to the brand like nobody else could given the circumstances. Their leadership with Tim Colbeck has been phenomenal. For him to stick this out and and continue to bring other operations back on-line gives a lot of faith with the Saab driving public. Technical Assistance, Customer Assistance and Warranty Assistance are recently up and going again. Not to confuse anybody, by Warranty I mean the dealership now… Read more »


Saabtec, as 2010 9-3 owner, you got me all excited there for a minute!
Oh well, thanks for the rest of the information!! 🙂


Wow, now *that’s* what I call a CANDY STORE ! 😀


Many of us NG 9-5 owners w/ HUD need an inventory of windshields. Apparently there are none available in the USA at all. If theyt crack or shatter, we’re screwed!


Off – topic but there are no recent postings or articles about NEVS or electric vehicles.
EV’s are not doing too well according to Reuters:


Jason, thank you for such a nice article on SPNA. We are looking forward to a strong presence from them at Carlisle in 16 days!

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