Marek Maest-Step By Step Masterpiece

For most Saab fans, little compares to the joy you get when you are expecting a gift for your car or something for yourself that has anything to do with Saab. This past week for most was one they would sooner forget. So for myself to receive one of the nicest gifts ever, it reminded me of the people that make Saab what it is to me and made me feel very fortunate.

Back in December I wrote about an artist that caught my eye because his work was simply too good to only be known by the Slovakia Saab Club. The artist was Marek Maest and through the post we have connected and he continues to amaze me.

This past week while being glued to the media of the day, a pleasant surprise showed up to my door that was a great distraction. A few months back Marek had asked me what my favourite Saab was saying he wanted to possibly do a little piece for me. As most may guess I told him the Turbo X. Fast forward a few more months and I saw him post the following pictures to his facebook page which quickly caught my interest when looking at the first one. So on Wednesday this past week, my wife told me a big box had shown up for me and told me the return address and I couldn’t wait to come home.

Below is the step by step process of this painting provided by Marek. Not sure what my wife thinks about it but the painting now is sitting by my night table in my bedroom, it helps to keep me dreaming.

Marek Maest-1 Marek Maest-2

The first photo shows the beginning of something incredible. I had never seen such a step by step of how this is done.
Marek Maest-3 Marek Maest-4
Now we see it all coming together where the shading and highlights start to reveal the Turbo X in all its glory.

Marek Maest-5 Marek Maest-6
In the end, I couldn’t be more happy with this treasure. Marek is one of the best artist that I have seen, wether it’s the paintings of Saabs or his extreme attention to detail in his equestrian paintings. If anyone were looking to have a painting of your favourite Saab or Saabs together, this is your man. Look him up on Facebook, you won’t regret it.

Marek Maest

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SAAB 9-3 TURBO X. Perfect car, perfect painting!


Jason, very nice car and very nice painting, I can just see you driving that.

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