Multi Award Winning SAAB stand at the Bristol Classic Show.

I wanted to share with you the great result of a fantastic show we put together this weekend.
We beleive that around 1000 cars were on show for the public to see including more in the outside classic car park, 30 awawrds were up for grabs and about 65 car clubs were there for the public to admire.
This is the 2nd largest classic car show in our country.

Our stand attracted a lot of attention and it was fantasic for us all to chat to so many people and get the Saab word out there. It was a name that so many people still admire. Smiles all weekend.

Then the smiles got bigger when, on Sunday afternoon, we discovered our stand has receieved to rosettes.
One was for “Highly Commended” and the other “Runner Up in the Saloon class”.


In Dave Dalimore’s words…..

I have been organising stands at the Bristol Classic Car Show for well over twenty years but have never, in all that time, had such an amazing weekend.

All the time and effort put in to getting the stand together by everyone who displayed, got its just rewards. So I would like to thank you all for making it a truly special weekend.

In no particular order:
David, for washing down his 96 Bullnose, parking it and winning – see below.
Clayton with his lovely green 96 for his continued willingness over the weekend to be there to answer questions and offer advice – you are a star.
Howard with his very orange Sonnet which probably attracted more attention than any other car on the stand.
Mike for bringing along his sons left hand drive blue 96 which ran the Sonnet a close second for colour.
Alan and his debadged 99T ‘Little Red Devil’, only just completed in time for the show.
Alex for taking time out from organising his wife birthday party, and his lovely base model 900 which people were amazed to find out is totally original.
Martin with his great 2 door T16S, who despite being unwell travelled everyday from his home in Cardiff.
Chris and his delightful 900 convertible for his unbounding enthusiasm.
Tony with his Dads low mileage 9000.

A very special thanks must go to Anne and Rose, assisted by Julie for keeping everyone watered and fed throughout the weekend. Without their assistance I for one would have stalled. A  special mention must also go to another Chris for taxiing duties from Cardiff to the show over the weekend (he is now a SAAB convert) and to Chris (Zaphod) for helping man the stand on Saturday.  Not forgetting of course Robin Morley for his continued help and assistance.

Finally I must include Lance Cole who was on the stand signing copies of his definitive book on SAABs ‘SAAB Cars. The Complete History’ , which is a must for any SAAB enthusiast. Last but not least Martin of JamSAAB who whilst only a visitor, upon chatting with Martin Lyons about a running issue he had for over two years which many had been unable to cure on his T16S, dropped everything and with a few tools found and cured it in 10 minutes.

Sunday was quite a day. Classic Car Weekly selected the stand in their report on the show (see next weeks issue), Practical Classics are to do a feature on Chris Redmonds T16S, Classics Monthly want to do a feature another SAAB. David, owner of that blue 2 stroke won second prize for best saloon and the 99T won Highly Commended in the general section, with the stand and more importantly SAAB getting a special mention at the presentations by Danny Hopkins of Practical Classics.



david prize

Dave receiving his prize


The whole team.

Next years date will be 14-15th June 2014 if you want to add it to your diary.
I have put a whiole lot of pictures on my flickr site for you to see.


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Congratulations! It looks like a great stand, a great team, and a great show!


Sounds and feels like a great show, I wish I could have been there! =)

Congratulations on representing the SAAB community! =)

Chris Ivory

So proud for everyone. So it’s a big congratulations from me.
This was a thoroughly fantastic weekend.
Many thanks, David.
I think this was the most successful, and busiest Bristol Classic Show.

It was a pleasure to be kept more than busy by members of the public, on the Saturday, be it answering general enquiries, troubleshooting, or trips down memory lane.

It was so surprising, too, to talk to so many who mentioned that they have just gone back to a Saab!
Onwards and upwards to further success. It seems that interest in our beloved marque is very active out there, and growing.


What a beautiful event. Thanks for sharing.


What a graceful way it was to uphold and revitalize the brand and heritage… Thanks to everyone involved. These sleek machines were really a feast for the eyes to watch!

David Dallimore

Thank you all for your comments. The stand was a time line of SAABs displayed in date order from the 2 stroke 96 through to the 9000 CSE and I am pleased to say that most visitors did read each window card. I can confirm this was the largest stand at the show and I think the largest gathering of SAABs at any UK indoor show. At one point we had reporters from Classic Car Weekly, Practical Classics and Classic Monthly all on the SAAB stand together – a bit of a PR overload! Not only was the stand to… Read more »

Martin T16s

I would like to endorse all the above comments. It truly was a great weekend for many reasons. We had the largest selection of Saab cars ever shown at a UK classic car show. We had 2 very prestigious awards, great recognition indeed! A number of prominent classic car publications all wanting to be a part of it. One of them wishing to feature our stand. We had an exceptional number of visitors to our stand who all showed genuine fondness of the brand and a great knowledge. One young lad only just starting out on his passionate love affair… Read more »


Beautiful pictures! Love the red & black 99’s!!


Congratulations to all involved on your success at the show. By the way, one of my favorite SAABs is the 2 door 900. I believe the 2 door was only available in the US as a 1986 S model (plus a handful or so of 1985’s, but that is another story). My 85 was totaled in a head on crash. It is nice to see what appear to be two of this model among the SAABs on the stand (or are my eyes fooling me).

Martin T16s

My particular 2 dr is a T16S or Aero as it is known in some markets, but in 2 dr format it was only produced for the UK market with just 263 models ever built.


Consistent with your comment, Turbos with this body were not sold in the US, however the few (about a dozen) 1985 2 door S ‘s that were sold here had the black window trim instead of the chrome trim that came on the 3 and 4 door S models. The 1985 2 door also had the turbo suspension and the 16 valve non-turbo engine, whereas the 1985 3 and 4 door S’s had the 8 valve engine and tamer suspension. In 1986 all the S’s had the 16 valve engine, but the 2 door came with chrome window trim and… Read more »


Very happy for the lucky owners .

David Dallimore


3cyl, yes there were three 2 door 900’s on the stand.
1) Base model 900, single carb. Totally original and in mazing condition, owned by Alex Rankin.
2) T16s, which for a car used daily is in excellent condition and goes well (especially around Francorchamps in Spa, Belgium) owned by Martin T16S (see above)
3) Convertible, injection model again in excellent condition and great colour combination, owned by Chris Redmond.

Thanks NickB. The red 99T ‘Little Red Devil’ has been modified by the owner and has power steering.
The black 99T is as it came out the factory and is a one owner car.

David Dallimore

A couple of ITV features on the show via the organisers website.

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