Multi Award Winning SAAB stand at the Bristol Classic Show.

I wanted to share with you the great result of a fantastic show we put together this weekend.
We beleive that around 1000 cars were on show for the public to see including more in the outside classic car park, 30 awawrds were up for grabs and about 65 car clubs were there for the public to admire.
This is the 2nd largest classic car show in our country.

Our stand attracted a lot of attention and it was fantasic for us all to chat to so many people and get the Saab word out there. It was a name that so many people still admire. Smiles all weekend.

Then the smiles got bigger when, on Sunday afternoon, we discovered our stand has receieved to rosettes.
One was for “Highly Commended” and the other “Runner Up in the Saloon class”.


In Dave Dalimore’s words…..

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Marek Maest-Step By Step Masterpiece

For most Saab fans, little compares to the joy you get when you are expecting a gift for your car or something for yourself that has anything to do with Saab. This past week for most was one they would sooner forget. So for myself to receive one of the nicest gifts ever, it reminded me of the people that make Saab what it is to me and made me feel very fortunate.

Back in December I wrote about an artist that caught my eye because his work was simply too good to only be known by the Slovakia Saab Club. The artist was Marek Maest and through the post we have connected and he continues to amaze me.

This past week while being glued to the media of the day, a pleasant surprise showed up to my door that was a great distraction. A few months back Marek had asked me what my favourite Saab was saying he wanted to possibly do a little piece for me. As most may guess I told him the Turbo X. Fast forward a few more months and I saw him post the following pictures to his facebook page which quickly caught my interest when looking at the first one. So on Wednesday this past week, my wife told me a big box had shown up for me and told me the return address and I couldn’t wait to come home.

Below is the step by step process of this painting provided by Marek. Not sure what my wife thinks about it but the painting now is sitting by my night table in my bedroom, it helps to keep me dreaming.

Marek Maest-1 Marek Maest-2

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Setting up the Saab stand

This afternoon I went along to The Bath and West Showground to help GWS and SWS set up the Saab stand for this weekends classic car show.
Ten Saabs in total for all to see. I did a quick video of the work being carried out for you to see.

There are also a few photographs, as well as a video of a 2-stroke reversing, to been seen at my Flickr site for those interested.
After the show, sometime Sunday night, I will add a few more photos to the same set. Quite often you find more classic Saabs in the “Classic Car Park”. Please enjoy or if you are in the area, come and say hi…

SAAB Of The Week

This weeks SAAB Of The Week comes Johnny Johansson of Vargön, Sweden and received the most likes and comments on our Facebook page in a six hour period than ever before. In July of last year, he bought this #36 2012 Independence Edition convertible which was the last LHD that was made. After 39 years working at Saab, he thought it was a suitable gift to himself. The other car is a 2011 9-3 SportSedan Vector that he had as a company car and after the bankruptcy he bought it for himself. Johnny, along with most of the readers and writers on this site thank you for the 39 years you gave to Saab and all of us. I am most happy to see an Indy model having a home with someone who gave so much to Saab over the years, this car is a part of Saabs history and something to talk about and not many other Indy owners if any would have as much insight into the company that built it as you. Thanks for sharing the photo with all of us and everyone keep those photos coming to [email protected].


svss_bond-street-car-serviceI received a great email from Paul at SVS today. Below are his words about a project he helped with. Well done Paul.

I’m delighted to have been able to help my local Saab Service Centre, Bond Street, launch their new website today.

Sadly, at the end of 2012, Bond Street had to cease trading after 24 years of dedication to Saabs. Then at the beginning of 2013, they set themselves up as an Approved Saab Service Centre and will continue to care, service, repair and maintain some of the 188,000 Saabs still in the UK.

It’s been a great privilege to be able to use some of the Saab photography I’ve lovingly taken one the past few years and I’m extremely proud of their new site.

It hasn’t been an easy time for Saab dealers, and to be able to help my local dealer begin a new leg of their journey, still with Saab, is a great honour.

There are areas that still need work and further content, but have a look and let me know what you think


Neo Brothers – Saab 96 Design Stage

So…it’s time to call upon the Saab Community. Neo Brothers NEEDS YOU!

The 96 will shortly be ready for a full vehicle wrap and we invite YOU our followers to put your ideas on paper (or computer!) and help us out with the designs! Whilst trying to retain the retro feel of the 96, we also want to give it a modern edge that it deserves…all whilst incorporating our company name/logo/colour scheme etc.


You’ll find high resolution pictures of the car at the link below:

You can either submit your designs through our Facebook page, or forward them to [email protected] – the best designs will be featured on Facebook and our Website.

So come on you budding Photoshoppers and Design Enthusiasts – we would love to see your ideas.

Neo Brothers

Bristol Classic Car Show (UK). This Weekend.

On the weekend of 20 & 21st April The Footman James 34th Bristol Classic Car Show will take place at the Royal Bath & West Showground, Somerset, United Kingdom. It is possibly the oldest classic car show in the UK.

The local Saab Group, Great Western Saabs, along with a little help from South West Saab will have a stand which is 24 x 5 metres!! Dave believes this too not only the largest single marque stand at the show, but may also be the largest SAAB stand ever assembled at an indoor show in the UK.


Confiirmed Saabs are:

2 stroke model
David L – 96
Sonnet model
Howard –  MkIII
95 & 96 model
Clayton – 96 V4
Stuart – lhd 96
99 model
David &  Anne – 2 door turbo
Alan & Rose – 2 door turbo
Classic 900 model
Alex – base model 900
Chris R (convertible)
Martin L – T16s 2 door (Our Martin from The Crew)
9000 model
Tony & Julie – 9000 CSE

Read more:

A few pictures from the 2012 show can be found here and here

The Footman James 34th Bristol Classic Car Show will feature up to 1500 classics indoors and outdoors, a classic car auction (Sunday) together with more gadgets, spares and autojumble than you can imagine.

More information and tickets are available from our website

Read more at the GWS website

Saab 9-3 heads home (sort off)

We quite often hear of Saab fans travelling to Sweden to buy their next Saab, be it modern or older, but here is a story from my friends at Perry and Prouse of Anders from Sweden who fancied a red 9-3 convertible they had for sale here in Somerset.


Today  (14th March) we had the pleasure of meeting Anders & his son who came to view our Saab 93 convertible. We had shared a few emails & phone calls in advance as to whether the car would be ready to drive away if they so wished.
After a road test this morning with the roof down in the glorious sunshine Anders was happy to make his purchase.
I thought I heard correctly the first time he mentioned where they had travelled from but did have to ask again & he confirmed what I had heard.

They had arrived from Sweden yesterday & would be returning on Saturday driving our car home 🙂

So we hope you have a safe journey home & got to enjoy the delights of the Somerset countryside 🙂

Wel a couple of days later a new photo, with out the sun, was sent to the guys in the office.


We have now arrived home in Sweden after 1040 miles in our new car. Thank you for the very nice treatment!

I know of another Saab, a 96, that may be heading for Sweden very soon. News when its available.

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