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This week our SAAB Of The Week is also the find of the week. Pierre says he had been looking for a convertible for some time that he liked and could afford. His search is over now that he has found this amazing 93 in Vermont with only 48,000 miles and no rust. It really pays to not settle and to search for your perfect car if you are in no hurry, I am sure that Pierre will have a very fun and exciting spring and summer now that he has his convertible. Thanks for sharing with us and as always, keep those photos coming in to [email protected].

Saab of the week

Happy Birthday Nicolas

Today we would like to say a big Happy 35th Birthday to our great friend Nicolas Demuynck.
Many of you will know him as one of the organisers of the Belgium International from 2012.

Well today he celebrates in style in Luxembourg with his friend Roby Fouarge who turns 40.

This weekend Nicolas also launches his book  ‘Saab 64 – A Tribute to the History of Saab’ as well as putting on the tour of Luxembourg we mentioned at SU here.

A great excuse for Saab fans to be in Luxembourg this weekend for sure.


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Jalopnik Interviews JC (Right before me)

I wanted to direct people’s attention to friend of SU Patrick George’s interview with Jason Castriota over at Jalopnik. It covers a lot of what we’ve already talked about in the past here, which conveniently leaves lots of blanks to fill in which he did in my interview for SU which will be posted later this week.

He also showed me the production Sonett and 9-1 designs, suffice it to say they all complement each other very well, and play off of old Saab design traits very well. We’re working with him on getting more images of the 9-3 released, and we’ll hopefully be seeing some interior designs for the 9-3 soon.


Most of us have heard of or seen pictures from events held by the Saab club in Singapore called SAABSTANCE but may wonder why it seems to be only newer SAAB models in their group. I have been fortunate to have contact with two people from this group, Dennis Leu and Abel Tan and they have sent me photos of a classic SAAB photo shoot they recently put together. Below is a number of photos from this event that had some of the nicest 900s I have ever seen.

Both Dennis and Abel had commented about there being a lack of classic Saabs in Singapore which lead me to the obvious question, why? The response I got was that it was very expensive to own an older car in Singapore which makes them very rare. Further to that explanation I received the following message from Dennis:

See the thing is, insurance is not a big deal here but mainly because in Singapore, every car needs to have a “certificate of entitlement” to be owned. This system is put in place to control the amount of cars in a small city state like ours. However, things are getting absurd these days and one of these certificate could cost up to $50,000 for a period 5 years which makes it really hard for classic owners to keep the car… 

As expensive as it may be to keep these cars on the road, I’m glad they have. Next year will be the 10th anniversary for SAABSTANCE and I look for to seeing more from this incredible group of SAAB enthusiasts. Thank you Abel and Dennis for continuing to share with us all.

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