Saab 9-3 heads home (sort off)

We quite often hear of Saab fans travelling to Sweden to buy their next Saab, be it modern or older, but here is a story from my friends at Perry and Prouse of Anders from Sweden who fancied a red 9-3 convertible they had for sale here in Somerset.


Today  (14th March) we had the pleasure of meeting Anders & his son who came to view our Saab 93 convertible. We had shared a few emails & phone calls in advance as to whether the car would be ready to drive away if they so wished.
After a road test this morning with the roof down in the glorious sunshine Anders was happy to make his purchase.
I thought I heard correctly the first time he mentioned where they had travelled from but did have to ask again & he confirmed what I had heard.

They had arrived from Sweden yesterday & would be returning on Saturday driving our car home 🙂

So we hope you have a safe journey home & got to enjoy the delights of the Somerset countryside 🙂

Wel a couple of days later a new photo, with out the sun, was sent to the guys in the office.


We have now arrived home in Sweden after 1040 miles in our new car. Thank you for the very nice treatment!

I know of another Saab, a 96, that may be heading for Sweden very soon. News when its available.

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Nice car. Interesting that they would drive a RHD car in LHD Sweden. At least, I think Sweden is LHD.


I’m happy for all involved, but why did they want a right-hand-drive car for Sweden? Are LHD convertibles that hard to find?


Maybe they can do a conversion.

Red J

If they are in good shape, yes!!


Might hopefully not inspire Sweden to start driving on the wrong side of the road again 🙂


This car cost just under 25 000 swedish crowns when all the paperwork was done.

a LHD cab in sweden costs 50 000 +

/the guy in green


When I tried to sell my yellow 1998 9.3 convertible, I also got a phone call from Sweden.
It did not work out in the end as the guy found a car closer to his place…


As a former British colony resident, there was a rule that if you’re driving a LHD car, a sign would have to be put on the rear bumper stating,”left hand drive”.

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