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This weeks SAAB Of The Week comes Johnny Johansson of Vargön, Sweden and received the most likes and comments on our Facebook page in a six hour period than ever before. In July of last year, he bought this #36 2012 Independence Edition convertible which was the last LHD that was made. After 39 years working at Saab, he thought it was a suitable gift to himself. The other car is a 2011 9-3 SportSedan Vector that he had as a company car and after the bankruptcy he bought it for himself. Johnny, along with most of the readers and writers on this site thank you for the 39 years you gave to Saab and all of us. I am most happy to see an Indy model having a home with someone who gave so much to Saab over the years, this car is a part of Saabs history and something to talk about and not many other Indy owners if any would have as much insight into the company that built it as you. Thanks for sharing the photo with all of us and everyone keep those photos coming to [email protected].


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Thats a fantastic view outside the front door.

Johnny Johansson

Jason, many thanks for the nice words. I am a bit surprised over all the attention for me and my Saabs. Many thanks for all “likes” and nice comments on facebook. I have no facebook account, so I can’t answer. I feel very sad that the company I gave 39 years of my life (it should have been 2-4 more years) no longer exist, and that the new 9-5 Combi and the new 9-3, which I worked a lot with, not got a chance to be produced. But in all this grief, I can enjoy that I have a small… Read more »

Ed Davids

Yes, I agree — nobody better than a 39-year employee to enjoy ownership of those great cars and recognition for his work. Any great Saab stories (or perhaps cars you’ve owned) from back in the 70’s?

Johnny Johansson

Hello, Ed
Sorry you had to wait for my answer, I have been thinking about your question. I have a story I can tell, not as old as from the 70’s, and perhaps also something about all the cars I have had through the years. But I am not a writer, and the English language is not my best skill, so it will take some time. When I have something, I will contact the Saabsunited staff, so they can decide, where to publish it.

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