SAAB Of The Week

It is somewhat amazing to watch when the Saab Of The Week entries come in. Some vehicles receive a few likes here and there and then there are the ones like the 89 C900 Carlsson submitted by Dom yesterday that has just gone crazy with 114 people showing they like it, 10 people commenting about it and another 4 people sharing with friends and other groups. I think this car was probably first registered in 89 but the model year is most likely a 1990. The Carlsson 900’s were built for three years from 90-92 and they only produced about 200 each year in black, Talladega red or white. To say these cars are rare would be a huge understatement. There were 600 total produced and they are coming up on 25 years old real quick, even if you went as far to say that 30% of them had survived, that is only 180. With 20 plus years on them and the chance of wrecks or just age, I’m sure the number may be lower. There is a great webpage with lots of info on these cars here. Thanks Dom for sharing and as always keep the submission coming to [email protected].


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