[email protected] Registration Deadline

For anyone still looking to attend [email protected] and show their Saab, registration deadline has been changed to Sunday April 14th at 11:59 PM. Click the [email protected] photo below and follow the steps for registration.


For all attending, have fun and the group has said that Saturday is Swedish colors day so wear your blue and yellow. If you’re lacking in blue and yellow department, I came across this website of a fellow enthusiast the other day and picked up a shirt myself and the colors are perfect.

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Got the T shirt!


One day I must attend this great car show in eastern US. Have fun You guys attending.


Me too, looks really nice 🙂


Trued and Tim, if you all attend you are guaranteed a great time!
Thanks to Jason for putting up the info as a reminder for pre-registration and for linking to one of the coolest SAAB shirts!
Even if you did not pre-register you are still invited to attend and be a part of our show within a show and can still use the link provided above to get in on the action : )

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