The relationship with Saab

Relationship? It may sound strange. But if you really think about it, that’s exactly what we have, a relationship. The thought struck me today during my visit at the Veteran market in Nossebro (Essunga, Sweden). I found myself in a frantic tunnel  vision, I was so busy searching  after everything that had something  to do with Saab (occurs very often). To society, the Veteran market is a market full of classic cars, moped parts, car parts and nostalgic stuff. I had to stop myself when I realized my eyes searched through the area to see how many Saabs I could find in place. And that overwhelming feeling of joy when I laid my eyes on a Saab got me thinking.

I don’t know if I’m slightly insane who feels this way, but isn’t the honest truth that we actually do have a relationship with Saab? Through the years, we’ve been standing united side by side through success, setbacks, sorrow, joy, disappointment, hope and promises. The feeling that always consists is the joy and pride among the people, the will to preserve the history of Saab, the passion, the cars and the feelings. The whole deal is pretty amazing, in my opinion it is very much like a relationship.

To me, Saab has been very rewarding in many ways, I’ve met many like-minded friends (including my soulmate), I’ve gained a new perspective on things in life. And the things Saab enthusiasts have in common is the passion, the fire that has been kept alive for so many years. I admire the enthusiasm and strength among the Saab people, the fighting spirit, the soul within the cars, the link between the car and driver, and the story behind it. And I am forever grateful for everything Saab has giving me and continues to give, and I know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

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  1. You’re right Madelene, although I’d call it an affair. I know that feeling of joy you mentioned, and I’m sure all SAAB enthusiasts do too. It’s something that defies reasoning, but it’s real. I know that SAAB has made my life happier for many years, and will continue to do so as long as I live.

  2. From Portugal…..
    I feel and act the same way you did…
    It´s love, an affair and a relationship… = it´s a marriage!
    And a good one!

    • I agree with your interpretation, but it’s not as if many other car companies have not been sold to new entities, new ways of doing business, new ideas, new owners, etc. without becoming better. I am just as skeptical as everyone else, but I am also trying to keep an open mind to what may be to come in the futue. We all love what SAAB was, and I’m sure this new SAAB will pull from those years of ingenuity and personal identity that we all so closely tie ourselves to. This is a tough time to be a car company, and if anyone can capture the hearts of buyers with new ideas, than I believe it is our little engine that could…

      • Provided they commit to selling cars in North America/U.S. sooner rather than later. Absent that, most of us will be moving on to new fixations. They have to at least start talking about those plans, if they have them. If they say nothing, my assumption is that this is about China and a token representation in Sweden/Europe, just because they bought a formerly Swedish company.

  3. You are absolutely right Madelene.
    Sometimes it´s hard to put a name onto the feelings that I feel for Saab, but a relationship is a good word.

    For my own part my relationship with Saab started som 25 years ago when my father bought a Saab 9000.
    That car to me defined the words advanced and progressive at the age of 13 when all you compared to basically was Volvo 740´s and Mercedes 230´s as well as some odd Audi 100´s.

    Anyway. The 9000 was special back then and there was really nothing like it.

    From that and forward to present day it has been a relationship through various stages as well as ups and downs.
    The ultimate up for me was when i bought my first car in 1993. A 9000 Turbo -86.
    The ultimate down definately was december 19th 2011. Bancruptcy..

    The last 50 years has reaaly been a rollercoaster with emotional attachement to Saab.

    I have to say though that for my own personal point of view, I´ve come to a more balanced relationship with Saab.
    If you take a look back approximately 2 years, the relationship was “at its worse”.

    Every single day I checked the internet for news about the company Saab. About Spyker, financial development and Press releases.
    I think I had a balanced view of what was going on (probably a bit biased as far as a Saab-maniac that I am)
    But come on… Checking 5-10 sites everyday. Several times a day in order to see where Saab the company was going..?
    Sorry to say, that it just wasn´t healthy..
    I did do the Rallys to Save Saab, and I loved the community and the way people gathered up for this. I bought 2 new Saabs during the turmoil, not only to do my bit to help Saab the company, but of course because i love the cars!

    Anyway. Since Saab was sold to NEVS i basically try to head over to SU once a day, and that´s just fine.
    The relationship between me and Saab has changed during the last year, but to be honest to the better.

    The love and devotion that I felt for the Company Saab, I now feel for my two beloved cars.
    My 2011 9-5 Aero and my wifes 2009 9-3 Aero.
    -And you know what..? That´s perfectly allright, because I get the feeling that THAT is what got me hooked on Saabs at first
    My 9-5 is an AMAZING car, and the first one in 15 years that made me feel the way my fathers 9000 did.

    I will cherish them for a long time. Especially the 9-5 that will be put into my garage 5 years or so from now.

    So is a relationship with a car sane..? Well, us Saabistas are kinda qurky and special and our cars ARE special!!
    Of course our relationship is sane!
    Whatever happens to the COMPANY Saab I wish them all the best, and if there is a future hybrid Saab in 2016/17 based upon Phonenix, I will definately get one!

    Until then. I will enjoy the look of peoples faces and their comments about the best Saab ever build, while driving it! The NG 9-5!!

    Cheers to all and hope i haven´t offended anyone!


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