Another engineering consultancy in Trollhättan gets a contract from NEVS

Today I’ve found an interesting piece of news on the ttela site. And why is this so interesting?

Well first of all it may help us to forget for a minute the bad news from yesterday, and secondly it has zero relation to EVs. 🙂

According to the article, NEVS has assigned TechROi Fuel Systems to develop fuel tanks for their cars.

TechROi fuel systems was formed last summer and its employees are the former Saab Automobile AB Fuel system department engineers.

Even their Fuel systems lab is the former SAAB Automobile AB fuel systems lab that is located at NEVS development centre area.

But not only NEVS is interested in their knowledge. Several other companies show interest in their own tank technology based on a concept they developed during their time at SAAB.

From the TechROi site

TechROi Stainless Steel Tank.

Stainless Steel Fuel Tank Concept
Our Tank in Saab Phoenix

Saved more than 3 kg weight and gained 2 liters of volume compared to equivalent plastic tank
Easily meets LEV III
Investments are down compared to previous projects with about 50-70% (type-specific equipment)
Engineering cost reduced by over 50%
Time to market is reduced by at least 50%
Logistic costs down by 70%
The concept is optimized for volumes below 200 000/year

It is interesting to hear that a stainless steel tank can be lighter and cheaper than the current plastic tanks. But I think that not much was impossible foe the troll in Stallbacka. 🙂

Notify of

Unbelieveable, who could come up with an idea like that,. This is simply another Saab milestone. These plastic tanks are crap. They are so soft that I crashed mine without noticing until the car was inspected at service. It probably happend by backing onto a stone.

Peter G.

where there’s smoke, there’s fire
where there’s a fuel tank, there’s hopefully a gasoline engine


At the end of the tunnel, there’s a light!

Michael Specht

Very interresting ! Does it mean fuel cell, hybrid system, or something else ?

Troels, Denmark

Very interesting! 🙂


A positive sign. Nevs, we need more where that came from and make sure that tank gets filled with gas/E85 🙂

I remember that day in july ’93 when the ng900 was launched. Mounted on a spinning platform on top of a truck. We thought it was super cool. What if NEVS would do the same, but with a concept car?

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