CARDYOURCAR Introduced At The SAAB Festival 2013

For some time now Till Drescher has been working his tail off trying to get a shop up and running that will specialize in SAAB treasures for all of us. When I say some time, this has literally been something we have been discussing since even before the calendars were printed last year. Along the way we have had many conversations with each other and the website as it will be would never have happened if not for the help of our late friend Nic Schellekens who spent countless hours on the backend of the site and chatting of different ideas/solutions and was so excited to see this finally be completed.

So after a bit of a break from working on the Card Your Car website and products, we are now able to introduce everyone to the website and for everyone attending the SAAB Festival, Till will be on hand with posters, stickers and wrapping papers.

Home Page
Welcome Page to the CARDYOURCAR.EU webstore

We will continue to add product as we go forward and as of now, Till has some great posters like the example below:

99 eyes


For the SAAB fan that wants it all, CARDYOURCAR has also come up with some wrapping papers to make that SAAB gift even more special.

melloyello wrapping
If you’re at the festival, stop by the SAABSUNITED tent where there will be posters and all sorts of goodies for sale from CARDYOURCAR and SAABSUNITED. Prices are beyond reasonable as well with posters being just 5 Euro and wrapping papers being only 5,50 Euro. There are 12 different posters with some of the classic Mioh photos like what we saw in the calendars offered earlier in the SU store as well as 4 different wrapping papers that highlight some SAAB classics.

Lots of future plans with the store as well including ways for you to do as the name says and card your car. We will introduce so many things in the coming months and if you ever wanted a poster of your own car, the wait is almost over and I applaud Till for getting this dream to be a reality.

3 thoughts on “CARDYOURCAR Introduced At The SAAB Festival 2013”

    • that is a great one and one of those items that people don’t always think of but would be cool to get a Saab gift wrapped in Saab paper

  1. I am very glad to have been involved in this small focus group that has discussed at length different products and ideas. It is very rewarding just to see this move forward. Good job Till and I look forward to seeing where you take this.

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