5 thoughts on “Classic Parts eBay Store USA”

  1. Now to buy all of the parts and build my own fleet of Saabs, which I can then sell to enthusiasts at a resonable price. Brilliant plan, right?

    • Let me know when you have put together a c900 with a Biopower engine and a customized steering from lets say the NG 9-5 Aero 😉

  2. My first new Saab was an ’86 base 900C 4-door w/ 5-speed manual tranny. A beast at 110 hp, 8-valve engine! Had no get up and go going uphill with the A/C on but without a doubt the most reliabe Saab I ever owned. Had it for 20 years and 175K miles.

    • They are still pretty reliable. My 2000 9-3 was the second new car I ever bought and it is still going strong 13 years and 205,000 miles later (still on the original clutch!).

  3. Looks to me that they have done a decent job of including a descriptive photo of most parts which was lacking before. Just wish Canadians could buy here too, maybe they just need to deal with Saab dealer across the border to buy the part for them and then ship it. As a seller I do get the issue with shipping and duties and such.

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