MY12 9-5 interior fascia available!

9_5_MY12_interior_aeroTwo weeks ago we informed you that a german Saab dealership was offering the leather doorhandles that were available in the past from Hirsch.

This time an other German dealership, Autohaus Lafrentz, has decided to deliver an upgrade to the 9-5, that many think it should have been standard from the beginning.

At Geneva ’11 we saw this:

This was the new fascia “meshed metallic”. Most of us thought that this update to the interior of the 9-5 was long due but because the MY 12 never saw the light this fascia remained only wishful thinking….

…till now.

Autohaus Lafrentz has moved some contacts and managed to contact the original IP-fascia supplier that was meant to deliver this fascias to SAAB Automobile AB. And after some talks they got them to restart production.

The set is currently a 7 parts set for LHD cars.


The first batch is already almost sold out!!

The price is € 849,00 (7.310 SEK,1.100 USD, 726 GBP) and they also deliver abroad. Currently they only sell a 7-piece set, but they are thinking about a 3-piece set (without the pieces for the doors).

The second batch will be ordered after the Saab Festival depending on the interest. And if you are visiting the Saab Festival, Autohaus Lafrentz will also be there with their 9-5 SC equipped with a Meshed Metallic fascia, and some sets for the ones that can’t wait.

If you want to change the fascia by yourself, you will need some hours (4+). And if you can’t do it or you haven’t got the time, any Saab repairer can do it for you, but it will charge you with at least 4 hours of work.

Regarding the product, the price is OK (I’m talking from a German point of view), and currently Autohaus Lafrentz is the exclusive distributor, which is also OK, as they have taken the burden to convince that supplier to start the production.

Regarding RHD; Autohaus Lafrentz had no queries from the UK, Australia or Japan. If they get enough queries, they will also think about producing an RHD batch.

21 thoughts on “MY12 9-5 interior fascia available!”

  1. That’s entrepreneurial spirit at it’s best- butI guess it goes hand-in-hand for a man w 9-4x and a 9-5combi!!! I’m enamored with the look-but would prefer a more wallet friendly 3-piece set as I like my existing aero faux metallic door trim. Markus, you have my Facebook contact, so just let me know when a deposit is needed for the next batch! -Derek M.

  2. I love the fact that there is a company that still hangs with us NG 9-5 owners. Mine has the parchment interior and this particular look would not be a good match for it. If they come up with something that does, I’m in!

  3. For “Light Neutral cabin & Light Neutral leather look door inserts” without a projection to glass – will be such? where it is possible to learn?

  4. It is always welcome when it is offered products to Saab. In USA, there are a number of companies that offer materials from real wood to real carbon fiber that could be applied outside existing materials. Is it some that has experience of this?

  5. Marcus,

    See ya tomorrow at the festival.

    I will definately buy the 3 piece set like we discussed at FB, since I also like the way the original metallic door-trim is coherent with the surrounding trim around the dash.

    Very much appreciated as now I don´t have to water transfer mu current dash panels and be without the car for a week…

  6. The 3 pieces set would be nice. I’m fine with the aluminum effect door parts on the Aero but the acre and half of plain matte black plastic on the console and dash is a bit stark and uninspiring.

  7. That’s a huge deal RedJ. Glad this finally happened, makes the prospect of picking up a 9-5 that much more appealing.

  8. This is excellent news. Looking forward to the 3 piece set as I have an Aero and I think the doors look good. Price is quite high, but it looks like it was done at the factory – which I like.

    • I do wish they would have an option for real wood veneer for us Aero owners without the fake stuff. An all black interior for a car in this price range is quite stark.

      • I think if there is enough demand….

        I’m not sure if the same supplier could make a version in wood veneer using the same process, but if this is the case, and enough people are willing to pay for such “unique” parts….

  9. Excited about this. Would definitely go for the 3 piece — I will consider the 7 but would have to do it without the wife finding out about the price. Hard to manage.

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