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While doing what seems to be the daily ritual of looking through the NEVS/SAAB website, I came across a number of job postings today, 6 in total. Now I don’t know if any former Saab employees who have held these positions in the past read our site to keep updated or not but these seem like fairly important roles to be filled.

All positions look to be important to the restart of production. They were all listed today as well. It would appear that we are edging closer to a production facility that is operational once again. It has been pointed out before that there would be no business sense to hire production staff and such until they were needed because you are then spending money on something with no product being made to sell to offset the expenses. This is the next natural step in getting operational and I would have to think that production staff is not too far behind.

Below is a short list of the positions listed:

Material Handling
We are looking for a Material Handling Manager who will work with
– daily leadership of the Material handling department, direct as
well as indirect material
– ME within the Material handling area
– development of the department in order to meet future

Material Planner
We are looking for a Material Planner who will work with
– daily planning and follow up of deliveries from external
– the development of our suppliers in order to meet our
– inventory analysis
– obsolete material investigations

Supervisor, Press & Body Shop
In order to effectively restart the Press and Body shop, we need experienced Supervisors to
– be responsible for managing the operations and personnel in
a production area
– ensure delivery of products to downstream
– lead, coach and train their staff
– coordinate the preparation of the main flow with station
– have contacts with suppliers of services and materials

Project Manager, Body Preparation
At the start of production in the body plant, there will be a need coordination of various processing activities. We are therefore looking for a Project Manager for Body Preparation to work with
– preparation and process planning of new or renovation of
existing assembly equipment in the factory
– calculation and planning of new assembly equipment
– operating and monitoring newly installed assembly equipment
– adapting ME Standard / TKS for the purchase of new or
renovation of existing assembly equipment
– external suppliers and consultants

Project Manager for Press
At the start of production, there will be a need coordination of various processing activities. We are therefore looking for a Project Manager for Press Preparation to work with
– process planning and product optimization
– studies, time and cost analyzes of new products
– shape calculations / simulations
– project management and monitoring from the development
phase to installation / product typesetting
– external suppliers and consultants

Supervisor, General 
In order to effectively restart General Assembly, we need experienced Supervisors to
– be responsible for managing the operations and personnel in
a production area
– ensure delivery of products to downstream
– lead, coach and train their staff
– coordinate the preparation of the main flow with station
– have contacts with suppliers of services and materials


54 thoughts on “NEVS Job Postings”

  1. Any listings for Public Affairs/Public Relations Spokesperson? They need that in the worst way. If a tree falls in the woods, it might make a sound, but if no one is there to hear the sound, who cares? If NEVS builds cars, but no one knows they are buiding cars, who cares? Speak NEVS, Speak.

        • LOL; but I am with you Angelo.
          Know that your point is that one has to make noise to see that you are still around and I agree with your point of view.

          Just hope NEVS soon gets so close to starting production of hybrids up that even they see it is needed to comunicqte and prepare the market for the introduction and sales of these cars.

    • I don’t work with PR or anything like it, but anyway, in my humble opinion, NEVS is not building cars and I see no reason for them to make any big noise before they have some new products to promote. The year leading up to bankruptcy there were so many bold plans and co-operations that were promoted before everything was set in stone, only to fall apart shortly after. After that, it wouldn’t surprise me if NEVS shows some extra concern not to have any “almost certain” deals or plans fall apart in public, and perhaps making people think that “OK, new owner but same instability as before”. So I’m quite happy with them spending all their efforts on development, planning, hiring and signing contract right now and save the PR-money until they have all contracts signed, a production start coming up and some final new products to promote.

      • Agree. Saab ‘cried wolf’ too many times in the past. When they next speak it should be with confidence and authority that what they are communicating will actually come to fruition.

      • Actually, in the past, Saab did a horrible job of communicating product offerings through the media, through advertising, through direct mail—-their presence at car shows was pathetic too. So I stand by my assertion: NEVS needs to take a new road when it comes to reaching out to potential customers. They have to be present. They have to be alive. They have to be noticed—-people need to know that there’s still a Saab car company and that they will be returning with cars that are even more innovative and timely than the great Saabs of the past. People need to hear that. People need to know an approximate time when Saabs might be available in their markets. And there’s no reason to “cry wolf.” If NEVS has their act together, they can give accurate information about their intentions. Guys—-how many successful companies have a website that is as ridiculous as the new NEVS/Saab website? Can any of you name a multi million dollar worldwide company with a website like that? It’s time for them to understand what is needed to succeed—–and no, the answer isn’t “great cars.” The answer is “cars people need, want and can afford—-and a promotional effort to sell those cars.” And believe me—-after working in some sort of advertising/PR/marketing for almost my entire adult life, I can assure you that the time is now to start planting the seeds to make the new Saab successful. They can’t wait until cars are being produced and shipped—-and then expect to blitz buyers. What we’re seeing implies a little company without resources to make this happen. If it’s an anemic group of Engineers and investors without the ability to communicate the excitement that’s going on behind the scenes—-Saab is doomed again. Another footnote instead of a big success story.

        • Well if NEVS were to fall, then right now nobody would hear them… since they haven’t made any noise, but trust me when I say that they’ve made the right kind of noise in the right places, at least for now!

          • But that’s sort of the point Tim—-we shouldn’t have to trust you (even though many of us do). We should be able to hear and see things for ourselves—-not have blind faith that NEVS will “do the right thing.” NEVS might be making noise in SOME of the right places—-but perhaps the most important place for them to start making noise is with the people who will ultimately decide whether they are a success or a humilated failure. That place is the Saab community and prospective future Saab buyers. They can easily reach that audience through granting REAL interviews with the automotive press—-updating their website DAILY or at least weekly with news—-let people know there is still a Saab car company. It’s not rocket science—-it’s business development 101 and it’s astonishing to me that they’re not doing some of these things at this point. Aren’t we closing in on a year since this was announced that the Receivers bypassed car companies to gift Saab to this unproven group? Or did we pass that point already?

          • That’s reassuring that “if they fall then nobody would hear them.” Did they not get in the game to compete? Isn’t that why SAAB allowed them to use the name because they thought it was a viable company to produce a good product? My blood boils every time I talk to someone who says SAAB is dead. Even a sales rep at the old local SAAB dealership didn’t even know about the new company hoping to start production this year. He said “Oh really? Where are they going to build the cars?” I don’t expect every single sales rep at an old Cadillac/GM dealership to know about the re-start of production but some commotion in the news or something would be nice. Hopefully it will start soon once they start hiring back the unemployed workers in Trollhättan.

            • George: It’s a failure on NEVS part that people who actually sold Saabs a year and a half ago have no idea there’s still a Saab car company planning to introduce new models. And it makes no difference if they start in China or on Mars—-sales reps from all over the world, as well as customers, should know by now that there is a Saab car company ramping up to make new Saabs. The fact that a year out of the bankruptcy decision, we’re still discussing this—-proves their incompetence. It really is frustrating. They’re like robots with tunnel vision—-they’ll learn the hard way how ignoring the public for this long will backfire on them.

              • Hey Angelo, you need to cool down a bit now! I’m not asking, I’m telling you!

                You dont know these guys and you know next to nothing about what is going on in Trollhättan nor what their plans are. What is the point of spending a huge amount of money on telling everyone “HERE WE ARE” and then nothing happens for the next year or two. Trust me, when the time comes to show that Saab is back, they will do it, the time is not now…

                Why? Because if they go out now, shouting about SAAB being back, whats the next thing people are going to ask?, it is: what do you have to offer… eeeh nothing… well when do you have something to offer… the answer would be we dont know… is that good advertising? Because thats the reality of things right now and thats the reality we’re faced with for the next year or so until NEVS actually have something!

                Once NEVS shows off something at GENEVA and it appears in all the auto magazines and television shows like CNET etc, everyone who follows the automotive world will know anyway… voila, lots of money saved on a BS advertising campaign that accomplishes absolutely nothing!

                • Tim.

                  Don’t worry! It’s all just the usual rubbish from Angelo. If he put his Money, where his mouth is, he would be the CEO of advertising at Saab. 😉
                  Angelo obviously has no experience, nor knowledge, as to how advertising Works.


                  • I don’t like the tone of this. Angelo has said -many times- he has worked 25 years in marketing.
                    Henrik B, would you like to rephrase your comment?

                    • Actually, it’s 27 years—-and it’s public relations, advertising and some marketing. Full disclosure—-the advertising is on the technical side, not the creative side. But it doesn’t take a creative genius to know that Saab’s advertising the last decade or so was inept crap. It was a contributing factor to why they remained “quirky” and couldn’t sell enough cars. Henrik uses too many commas.

                • Actually, press releases and website updates don’t cost a whole lot of money. That would be a start. I will “cool down” on blasting NEVS or making it personal. But time will tell if the aloof (some would say arrogant) approach will pay dividends. I doubt it.

          • I see GM is building a 1.3 billion dollar Cadillac plant in China. Baver—-maybe those government officials will decide to get those prestigious American Caddies instead of a 9-3 with batteries. NEVS had better think long and hard before they corner themselves.

        • I’ve worked in international marketing/advertising/PR for 20 years. I’ll stick by my earlier comment. I think Angelo has answered his own query in his third comment. NEVS is not yet at the point to make substantive statements that can allow for quick follow-on with actual developments. Rather than creating ‘hot air’ that then consumers and industry watchers will then translate into ‘yet another death rattle from the former Saab’ – they are taking – in my opinion – the proper tact. As NEVS is nowhere near the scale that the former organization occupied, there will be a significant period of time to build the company back up to even service a very few markets in an active way. Those that have a more strategic view of how business and manufacturing more specifically, will understand this.

          • “As NEVS is nowhere near the scale that the former organization occupied, there will be a significant period of time to build the company back up to even service a very few markets in an active way.” Too bad then. The Receivers picked a grain of sand instead of picking the beach that was Mahindra.

      • How many from these people – managers and experts on process of production?
        Or it only mechanics of on the assembly line?
        Just interesting…

        • I know almost all the former managers at Saab and only a few have managed to find a new job, most often as taxi drivers or something like that

  2. Any word on what engine(s) will be available in the 9-3 when production starts?
    I’m sure many of us are anxiously awaiting news about this, but it seems to be a closely guarded secret, why…?

    • Well, when everbody knows that there will be BMW engines in the reanimated 93, nevs can’t produce that big amount at once. So, that’s why they bring the news slowly.

      • Yeah, I hope you’re right, so I can patiently wait til I can buy another Saab with an I.C.E…
        However, if NEVS decides to put a sub-saab-standard engine in it I’d like to know too, so I can move on and shop around for alternatives…. 🙁

            • They have decided to make the EV’s, the rest remains an IF still… Where has never been an issue, its going to be Trollhättan. When,… when its ready! =)

          • I thought they were going to re-start production with the current 9-3 as an ICE before moving to the EV1. Are they going to just run the cars as shells through the production line without an engine at all and wait to add an electric motor when it is developed?

            • Agreed, I don’t like the ICE abbreviation either. But if NEVS only offers EVs, their sales will be colder than ice—-so looks like they either make ICE cars and have hot sales, or make EVs and have ICE (icy) sales!

            • Well considering that Internal Combustion Engines were developed before In Car Entertainment or coo running amplifiers, I don’t like that the others copied ICE for their stuff.

              Nice pun Angelo.

            • It’s used in many places for different things and makes not having to spell the whole thing out. NEVS even means something different in other places too look at Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles (which is not the NEVS we are interested in). Since we’re sharing links, here is one on internal combustion engines where you can see ICE being used as well. I’m ok with whatever it’s called and just want to see it.


              • Not to get on Henrik for his opinion but I think it’s silly to get upset over many uses for acronyms like with the World Wildlife Fund made World Wrestling Federation change to World Wrestling Entertainment. Not that I’m a fan of it but still thought it was dumb when they had to change.

                • that is kind of funny that any organization can make you change your name though we’ve seen similar stuff with SAAB. I don’t know many people that would confuse wild animals with men in tights wrestling and is their name not actually World Wildlife Fund? I have never thought of them as WWF, always thought of the whole name. None of this really matters though, ICE or internal combustion engine, makes no difference to me but I will write ICE when referring to them because it is shorter…… what an abbreviation is meant to be.

                • In the early 1970s, the wrestling organization was the WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation). By the ’80s, they switched to WWF (dropping the “Wide” part). Instead of becoming the WWE when challenged by the wildlife fund—–I think they should have simply gone back to WWWF, which they were in the first place.

              • Anyone else think that NEVS chose their name partially based on its reverse acronym being SVEN? Or just a Swedish sounding name coincidence?

  3. Today further four five positions have been added to the list. All of them are somehow related to the production start.

  4. I think this looks good.
    I don’t think NEVS needs to rush things conserning media.

    I’ll rather have them focusing on the hardware for now.

    When the times comes, and I let NEVS be the one telling when that is, they need to communicate.
    Until then, I keep on looking on what they seems to do.

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