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The modern Saab is an extremely complex piece of machinery with thousands of sophisticated moving parts.

Within the engine alone there are a huge number of components from camshafts and cam followers to piston pins and rings. Then there are other intricate systems from the electrics and brakes to the steering and suspension.

It’s this advanced engineering that makes a Saab a dream to drive, and while your Saab is very reliable, occasionally repairs are necessary and can be an unexpected expense. With this in mind it’s well worth taking out a Saab Secure Warranty for your vehicle.

It will cover most original mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle and offers you peace of mind for the road ahead.

Saab Secure is available for all Saab’s less than 10 years old with different levels of cover for you to take out.

A Saab Secure Warranty is available from just £279.
Flexible warranty cover ranging from a 1 year to a 5 year policy
Unlimited mileage
Instant cover from day one

Please contact your nearest Saab dealer for more details, find them on line, or ring Jerry on 01935 426 701 and he will help you find your most local.

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David Hay

An advert — masquerading as a press release. Not impressed.


Quite agree, just another insurance based warranty product with some Saab branding, not a service just another marketing ploy, nothing wrong with trying to sell a product and make a profit, neither is there anything wrong with trying to attract business back to the official Saab service network, what would seem more appropriate would be a short heading and the posting of a link to the Saab Parts UK website where prospective customers can view the information in context.


Good idea ! It can take away the unsecure feeling which prevents people from buying a Saab nowadays . Would welcome it in the Netherlands .

LG Aero

This sounds very good. The assurance program in the US isso complicated no one could explain it, the dealers in the area will not accept it and must be determined now as a failure. Perhaps some communication be tween North America and UK might lead to a similar plan for US and Canada. . Well I can hope !


You need to read the T & Cs before calling this a “Good idea”. This is one of the cheapest so called warranty products on the market, but does it offer any real cover – it certainly doesn`t replace the lost SAAB warranty.

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