Roudnice – Annual Czech Saab Club Meeting

Our friend at SAABISM has a nice story with lots of photos from the annual Czech Saab Club meeting which was yesterday, check out more photos at here at Saabism.

Roudnice nad Labem is the place of the largest annual Saab convention in the Czech Republic. Location : ~50km north of Prague, close to the Hora Říp, a very important landmark of the czech history.

Everything was against the attendance, the rainy weather forecast, the always very busy May, the troubles with the owner of the field airport constantly increasing the rental price and the whole Saab situation. But I’ve decided to go. The same decision was made by ~150 other Saab owners and friends.

Known faces, friends, handshakes, smalltalks, smiles. And a lot of Saabs with all their details. Snabbers, liberals, a wurlitzer DJ, all kinds of old and new clothing with the logo, a bit of merchandise, the gruppendrive at the end. Wonderful as always. I’m looking forward for the next year and here are pictures.

2 thoughts on “Roudnice – Annual Czech Saab Club Meeting”

  1. Quite an impressive number of Saabs considering that the Czech Republic definitely wasn’t Saab’s biggest market. Also, very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    • in the large cities in the “ex east block” (Prague, Warsaw, Budapest) you can see a lot of Saabs in the streets. It has a reason, you could buy them even before the change (24 years ago) in special stores. So there is a bit of history behind. Not as much as f.e. NL or UK but still …

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