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This weeks Saab Of The Week is a little special to most of us here. It is that of a 2012 9-5 Combi that is owned by non other than Markus Lafrentz, who has done what most said could not be done. He and his dealership have certified this beauty and others making them street legal. Rather fitting that this photo has generated lots of conversation in the last few days and for those attending the SAAB FESTIVAL in Trollhättan, I believe this car may even be part of the convoy of 32 or so cars heading your way. Thanks for sharing with us Markus and more so for making these cars see the open road.

15 thoughts on “SAAB Of The Week”

  1. I guess one of the most important legacies of the Saab Spiker era is that it saw three news Saab introduced to the driving world; the NG 9-5, the 9-4X and its great to see the NG 9-5SC get under the wire. Had Saab been wound down in late 2009, none of these would have hit the road. I wonder how history will reflect on this.

  2. What an incredibly beautiful car!!!! If only Saab had chosen to start with the SportCombi…then maybe we could order our own today!

      • We know the procedure but out of respect to the guys who invested a lot of money and time in finding out, its only fair that they be the ones who get to tell whom ever they feel has the right to know…

        • Tim you’re on holiday, get out of here. I sent an email back to Markus and told him this question was asked. It is up to him if he wants to share but what is needed would need to be done by someone like him anyway as there paperwork involve that needs to be done by a shop licensed to do it.

  3. There was a comment on Ttela on article about those 78 Saabs (from the auction) that mostly went to Germany and Netherlands
    saying that there was one guy from Norway that manage to get 2 Saabs legal for street use in Lithuania with “help” of some money. And according to that comment there is quite “an industry” for that kind of business in Lithuania.
    Totaly OK for me cos i think those cars deserve to roll on street instead of being in a museum/someones garage.

  4. That was the car we ordered . But with all the troubles, we have a nice 95NG.
    But to put a car like that on the road in Belgium? Never….. The police put you and the car in prison.
    All the luck to the owner.

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