SAAB Of The Week

This week our SAAB of the week is a little different than what we normally see here. Chris sent this in a while back and rather a photo of his car it is a photo from where most of us long to be, the drivers seat. He took this picture while listening to the radio last year about the bankruptcy of SAAB and titled it looking forward to a brighter future. With all that is surfacing around us right now with arrests and silliness like that, it is nice to try to look forward to a brighter future and not get so stuck on the past. Thanks for the photo Chris and as always, keep the pictures coming to [email protected].


Notify of

Realy nice photo. I am waiting for installing real carbon files on my dash and some other places. It seems that you have some more buttons than I have just right to the nav-screen. What is that for?


I heard that is the new GPS parts locator


Hey, really nice!
But the steering wheel is on the “wrong” side! ;.)

Jonny D

Nope its definitely on the right side!

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