SOC GB “Golden Flag” Relay Gets Going

Just over a week ago I mentioned that there was going to be a special Golden Flag relay around the country to celebrate The Saab Owners Club of Great Britain’s Golden Jubilee.

Well today was the start and members of the East Sussex branch met up with members from the South West Branch to hand over the flag.

It was a pleasant day with sun shining and warm tempatures.

The next exchange will be at Swedish Day next Sunday.


A few more pictures can be found on Flickr if you want to take a look.

P1150991 P1150997

2 thoughts on “SOC GB “Golden Flag” Relay Gets Going”

  1. It was a great day, and celebrating 50 years as a Car Club is a wonderful achievement, I think the SOC GB is the second oldest Saab Club in existance after Holland. The flag relay is a great way to meet members from other groups within the SOC that otherwise might never be met. A bit like meeting a long lost ‘Saab family’ relative!

  2. Can’t wait for Swedish Day!! For anyone that has not attended previously please treat yourself to this fantastic day out, it is really very worth the effort.

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