Swedish Day number 6 in the UK, this Sunday.


Swedish Day in the UK has arrived again, and tomorrow for around six hours there will be a gathering of nearly 200 vehicles who have their routes in Swedish. Take a look at the Swedish Day website for more details.

Over 60% of them will be Saab with Volvo catching up fast, but this year we have around 14 Swedish Trucks coming along as well, both Scania and Volvo. Sadly no Koenigseggs have been in touch, but maybe one year.

Weather forcast is looking good so fingers crossed for a dry sunny show.

Many of the French and Belgium visitors are arriving in England as I type and we will all join together tonight for a meal at the local Sparkford Inn, no dout chatting until past closing time.

Everyone is welcome to take a visit and we look forward to seeing lots of visitors. A few of last years pictures are at my flickr page.


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