The largest Saab 99 Turbo collection is for sale


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Hello all 99 Turbo fans here at SaabsUnited. The collection is not mine have only five so that does not count. But to my knowledge a Saab friend in Holland has stacked up quite a collection over the years. Peter who is known to some 99 Turbo people has just about every model, shape and color the 99 Turbo came in (but not a 4 door like i have).

Peter writes:

Hi Jorgen

You can write that you have learned from the owner that this collection including all collected parts after many years of collecting has to go to get more time for other things in life (its the weight that keeping the collection together thats to heavy to carry on my own so have to part from it as a hole or as single cars)

/ Peter

Some of the cars in his collection can be found here:
I urge Saab enthusiasts to try to get a 99 Turbo, restore it and love it it is one iconic car a milestone in car history. But besides all it is a fantastic road car even if it was from the late ´70ies. Saab was very progressive and pumped life into a ten year old product ant that car lived on in the 900 model for another 14 years.
The 99 Turbo in 3 door hatchback/wagonback configuration is not only a sporty driver´s car but also a practical vehicle to take to IKEA on a sunny sunday! I believe Peter most of all wants as many cars possible in his collection running on the roads in the future do Peter, yourself and the Saab community a favor. Do not ask Saab what Saab can du for You but what You can do for Saab. Take the challenge and build/restore Your very own car!
There are also some 900 Turbos for sale.
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20 thoughts on “The largest Saab 99 Turbo collection is for sale”

  1. I have seen the collection and it’s vast/huge/monumental/gobsmacking/jawdropping et cetera. And most of them are very restorable/repairable. The world will look so much better when these cars go for the road

    • Well do You know of larger collection? The car are unrestored, so lets hope the cars find owners willing to restore them.

  2. too bad the Dutch law on Classic cars is about to change, which means the new owners will have to pay road tax again when they start driving these 99s again…albeit a mere € 120 for 9 months (in the new law, it’s not allowed to drive your classic during dec/jan/feb)

    • Hi, we’re the Dutch government, how do you want to be screwed today?

      Even when you are an expatriate they still manage to get you. I left The Netherlands 20 years ago and I could tell you some stories about how the Dutch government managed to mess up my life. The main issue is that they just keep changing the laws, especially tax laws and that it ALWAYS means that you have to start paying them more money.
      This new ‘Oldtimer wet’ is typical. Claiming environmental blalbla they manage to squeeze even more money out of their citizens, ugh!

      • funny thing is that it has nothing to do with the environmental bullshit. because: only when your car is 40+ years old you don’t need to pay road tax. next question: which cars are the environmentally friendliest? cars between 26 and 40, running on LPG. but those cars pay the full amount of road tax, unless…(there’s always an exception!)..unless you can prove that the LPG-system is fitted in the car in the first year from new. of course you can’t prove that, so… 🙁

  3. I am stunned. What a collection, what a passion! Are these all these cars for sale? They are getting really hard to get hold of, even in Sweden. At what prices?

  4. well lets say I am the owner of all of this and the load is getting to heavy to carry on my own.
    still keeping a hobby in Saab bud also getting more time free to do other things in life
    than taking care of cars that need attention, some more some less.
    Like to see the cars in the collection get to a good home and get back on the road
    unfortunately did not get all variaties of the 99 turbo in the collection bud it could only bee 2 or 3 missing.


    • Hi Peter,
      I have nothing but respect for your desiscion. But let’s not forget your dedication for Saab and you collection. 9000 thumbs up for that!!!:):)

      I cannot imagine the workload that comes with a collection like this.
      Anyway. I’m definately interested in a car, but what cars do you have and what is the status/ prices for those cars?
      Take care and hope this all goes well!:)

      • Hi all , at this moment i am bussy getting all cars in 1 warehouse , this will surely takes me 1 month because I have to work for my money aswell..
        From that moment on the cars can be seen .
        For this moment all basic info on the cars is on under my alias saab 99 turbo heritage
        sorry i will not be available to responde to email at this moment, bud will do that as soon as i have the time available.
        this probebly will be when the collection is at 1 location.
        thanks for all your good words

  5. Peter told me he also has one of the 4 door sedan “100 series” preproduction cars. So that makes his collection complete….

    • Hi there
      theremust be a misunderstanding.
      I do have a 4 door (saloon) turbo bud its not a preproduction 99 turbo.
      Its date of first registration is April 1980 in the UK and has all the My 80 things
      with chass nbr 9980……
      Have little history of the car , its LHD and not RHD as would be expected
      comming from the UK and has KM instead of miles.
      Full GLE interior My 80 in nice shape bud the boddy was to bad to be safed so scrapped it, reshell available and all the turbo items.


  6. Hi Jorgen
    its no preproduction its from 1980 so cannot be a preproduction
    don’t know how it started as a 4 door turbo bud its complete with the title and started its life in the UK
    altough being a LHD and not as you would expect for the UK a RHD

    this to overcome anny misunderstanding

  7. Hi Jorgen
    Its a 1980 so can not be a preproduction, do not know how it started its life but the UK title states 4 door turbo.
    its LHD and not RHD as you would expect for UK marked.
    boddy was to bad to safe so already scrapped and all parts and 4 door shell avalable with the chass.number

    this to overcome anny misstaking that i own a preproduction

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