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This week our SAAB of the week could really be called SAABs of the week. This is the photo sent to us from Gunnar and is of a nice sized fleet of 9-5s at the Munich airport in Germany. He saw five in total while waiting for his connecting flight at the home of BMW. SAAB has had a history of being used in the service industry and it is nice to see some still performing their duties and doing it well. Thanks to Gunnar for sending the photo and as always, please keep the photos coming to jason.d.powe[email protected]

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Spyker and Youngman complete transaction

Many of us would have loved to read this post in June 2011 and not in June 2013. But somehow this piece of news remains interesting, as Spyker-Youngman plans to also build Phoenix-based cars in the near future.

The new question is, who will build the best Phoenix-based cars?


Spyker N.V. (“Spyker”) announces that, based on the subscription
agreement including accessory agreements (the “Transaction”) that
were signed 6 December 2012 and to the full satisfaction of both parties, it
has completed the transaction with the Chinese car manufacturer Zhejiang
Youngman Passenger Car Group Co, Ltd (“Youngman”) today.

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D Shado & Juice – Saab Music

This video was produced more than two years ago, so I’m not sure how I could have missed it the first time around, but here it is, D Shado & Juice with Saab Music:

There are some old-school Saab references in this video. Although the music isn’t quite my cup of tea, I do appreciate the effort that went into producing this and the nice way they promoted the brand. The video definitively made me smile!

My vacation starts tomorrow, so sayonara everybody! Unless you find yourself in the black sea city of Batumi, in which case I might bump into you there. That actually happened btw: Two years ago I posted here about me and my wife driving to Georgia and soon after a Swedish person commented that he had spotted my car in Batumi. This year we will sadly not be on the road, but fly coach. Next year however, will be different I’m sure.

Press Information: Saab Automobile Parts AB appoints new CFO and new Sales & Marketing Director

Saab Automobile Parts AB has appointed Fredrik Gyllefjord (31) as CFO and Claes Kalderén (41) as Director of Sales & Marketing. Fredrik and Claes take up their appointments during June and will be members of the Saab Automobile Parts AB management team. They will report to Lennart Ståhl, CEO.

Claes Kalderén
Claes Kalderén

Fredrik Gyllefjord_
Fredrik Gyllefjord_

Fredrik Gyllefjord has held the position as CFO for Saab Automobile Parts AB on a consultancy basis since January 2012. Fredrik is a partner in a consulting company and in that role has, amongst other things, had assignments as a management consultant and has worked with the acquisition and sale of companies. He has previously been employed within Saab Automobile AB where he has had a number of assignments within the finance function covering for example financing, treasury, business development and deputy CFO.

Claes Kalderén comes to us from the Districom Group, a consulting company, where he was a founding member and managing director. The company, which is based in China, specializes in the development of sales and distribution channels for the Asian automotive industry. Claes also brings with him his valuable experience from Mercedes-Benz in China where he was the Senior Fleet Sales Manager with responsibility for establishing the car sales organisation in China.

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Fan Brings Neo Brothers To Forza 4

We received an email from the guys at Neo Brothers that is maybe geared more towards the younger Saab crowd but is beyond cool. In the latest installment of the XBOX Forza game, a customer of Neo Bros (on the UKSaabs board goes by “matte”) replicated one of their race cars and made it available for others to download for free.

I haven’t played the game but I know a lot of people who are really into this game and I can’t believe how life like it is. Matte, you did an impressive job of bringing this car to life with all the Neo Bros logos and I love that you made it available to all for free as I can already imagine some of the younger guys running home to add this car to their garage. It would seem that your bout of insomnia will add some joy to many.

For reference here is the actual car in person:



Now some screenshots from the game itself:

FM4_Forza10_zpsb6a512ae FM4_Forza11_zps6108a139 FM4_Forza12_zpsab4c1114 FM4_Forza13_zpsa98e35a7 FM4_Forza14_zps538502aa FM4_ForzaBigshot1_zpsfffff27a














There is even some video clips of the game in action:

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