Fan Brings Neo Brothers To Forza 4

We received an email from the guys at Neo Brothers that is maybe geared more towards the younger Saab crowd but is beyond cool. In the latest installment of the XBOX Forza game, a customer of Neo Bros (on the UKSaabs board goes by “matte”) replicated one of their race cars and made it available for others to download for free.

I haven’t played the game but I know a lot of people who are really into this game and I can’t believe how life like it is. Matte, you did an impressive job of bringing this car to life with all the Neo Bros logos and I love that you made it available to all for free as I can already imagine some of the younger guys running home to add this car to their garage. It would seem that your bout of insomnia will add some joy to many.

For reference here is the actual car in person:



Now some screenshots from the game itself:

FM4_Forza10_zpsb6a512ae FM4_Forza11_zps6108a139 FM4_Forza12_zpsab4c1114 FM4_Forza13_zpsa98e35a7 FM4_Forza14_zps538502aa FM4_ForzaBigshot1_zpsfffff27a














There is even some video clips of the game in action:

9 thoughts on “Fan Brings Neo Brothers To Forza 4”

  1. So awesome! I’ll be downloading this tonight.

    Here’s hoping SAAB is still represented in the impending Forza 5

    • There are no Saab’s in Gran Turismo – don’t think there ever have been! Sad indeed.

      To clarify, this is a skin (ie just the paint job and tuning setup) for the existing 9-3 that’s in Forza. It’s not that the car wasn’t in the game already, it’s just the Neo Brothers “look” has been added.

  2. Impressive even though I’m not into gaming at age 70.
    Just curious, is it set up as FWD, RWD or AWD? Looked like ir was either RWD or AWD in video.

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