Many “New” 9-5 Wagons on the road in Trollhattan

I wanted to share with you a short video I recored of the convoy of Saab 9-5 II Wagons as they went from the museum to the factory on the Sunday of the Festival. I hope you agree its a beautiful site.

Just press play or a full size version will appear by clicking the image.

18 thoughts on “Many “New” 9-5 Wagons on the road in Trollhattan”

  1. Beautiful site indeed. I wish we’d have the site of the final 9-5 wagons in the U.S. Of course, maybe, just maybe, this WON’T be the “final version.” Step up to the plate NEVS!

  2. I enjoy seeing all those 9-5 combis on the road, funny because I love the 9-4X but the combis in that video make me like them more and I have never really been a combi fan. They look incredible and meant for the road…… Wish there was a way to bring that model back to life.

  3. So totally frustrating! My 9.5 has a/c problems and convertible is 18 years old, runs fine…but its 18 years old. Can’t get anything but aftermarket parts here, and holding my breath. Then, this a.m. MSNBC money had Volvo as one of the 5 companies not likely to last the year. Come on guys…let’s get this thing moving!!! I do not want a BMW, Mercedes, won’t buy American after the last nightmares on wheels.

  4. Regarding Volvo there are unsubstantiated rumours they may leave the US market NOT go out of business. Those 9-5 ll wagons….gorgeous.

  5. Great! They would have given a sign on the road – regarding design and technique anyway. My lack of understanding is addressed to all people who forced the bankrupt and stopped building these cars.

  6. Volvo is positioned to make a huge surge across all markets over the next 18 months. They’ve got a new class of motors that will blow the doors off BMW’s 2.0 Turbo. Toss in their KERS technology and the next gen XC90 and Volvo is looking very good indeed.

  7. Wonderful cars, those “wagons”. Did I see seven of them?
    Weren’t they supposed to be “impossible” to drive on the road?

    Congratulations to all who managed to do that.
    A coffee-brown 9-5SC was at the top of my wishing list.

  8. Today, I was returning from Nurburging to Barcelona, via Frankfurt Int. Airport. On the ESSO petrol station near the Terminal, the big surprise was to see a German Taxi, with that strange Khaki color, a 2010/2011 Saab 9-5, with Aero trim, at least the exterior with that front fascia.


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