USA: The Annual Brew City Saab Night

I received an email the other day from Tim Obenberger about the upcoming annual “Brew City Saab Night”. Last year the event had a great turnout so for anyone in the Wisconsin or surrounding areas, head out and take in the great company of some Saab friends. It’s still a couple of weeks away so plenty of time to make plans to get there. Below is the email and info as sent to us.

Hey Jason, Here in Wisconsin we have our annual ”Saab Night” coming up on June 18th you helped me spread the word last year so I was hoping you could help me out again? We had a great turn out last year and hoping to top it again next year. Thanks in large part to you we had people come in from Iowa and Chicago in 2012 so it was a great help and much appreciated! So below I will throw in my little write up of the meet and I can send some pics from last year if you’d like. If you have any thing else you need from me feel free to ask, thanks in advance!

Hey guys! I’m gonna start getting the word out now the annual ”Saab Night” ( is on June 18th this year at The Highland House in Mequon WI. The attendance goes up every year and we are hoping to see a great turn out this year as well. I’ll be bringing my seven and hopefully I see a few of you there to! Any questions message me! Thanks!

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Peter Gilbert

I love these local SAAB nights as the winter has been too long and now it’s time to show and tell. This is my 2001 Viggen with a Stage III SQR tuned engine. I had the factory wheels black powder coated.


Looks nice. Also looks like you should get some “Mother’s Back-to-Black” conditioner for the flat black plastic trim or you could use any brand of “Tire Wet” to darken the black and make it shine. The rims look great though, nice touch. You should also take out that amber lens on your turn signal so it’s just clear.


Black powder coat on those wheels, Peter? I like it, but you should have asked Obenberger if it was ok! ask him about it next time you chat.

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