Busy Weekend for SWS.

The big question? Did your club do anything this weekend?

As some of you may know Myself and my friend Alex started South West Saab a few years ago which is a local branch of the Saab Owners Club of Great Britain. Like many clubs around the world we take part in shows or car runs and on the odd occation we do two…..

This weekend was one of those.
Azzy and I drove our 9-5 Anniversary to a local car show called “Yeovil Classics”. As the name says it is a classic show but if you go as a club you can take any car which is why mine, being so young, was allowed to take part.
I have put a few pictures at my Flickr Page for you to take a look if you wish.

Alex was in charge of something bigger, in connection with the 50th year celebration that The Saab Club of Great Britain, he and Chris held a two day event in South Wales.

Here are a few words from Alex.

Saab Owners Club of GB ‘Saabs on the Marches’ Summer Driving tour.

This weekend Myself and fellow Saab Owners Club UK Member Chris Redmond organised a driving tour of the countryside know as the ‘Marches’ that border England and Wales.

Members from all over the UK attended the event based at the Hampton by Hilton hotel, and we were blessed with fantastic weather on both days of the tour.

The first day took us high up into the Brecon beacons, visiting some of the roads used by the television programme ‘Top Gear’ with some truly stunning views.

Day two saw us driving in the Wye valley, the border between England and Wales, finishing at Tintern Abbey for Lunch in the sunshine!

The event was open to all Members of the SOC, with fifteen cars taking place in the Rally, and the SOC were proud to have their president Eric Carlsson as their honoured guest.

Alex Rankin (Saab Owners Club of Great Britain and Member of the South West Saab branch)

What Alex did not tell you was that a couple of prototype Saabs were taking part in the tour. More of Alexs pictures can be found on his Flickr Page.




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“…a couple of prototype Saabs were taking part in the tour.”

Nice try, but I rather guess these are disguised Skoda Octavia (the left one) and Fiat (the right one).

But one thinkgs comes in mind if we see that: are there any covered cars seen around Trolhätten?


Is Bob Lutz back in the game with his sensational idea of batch engeneering? Hope not 😀


I had exactly the same thing in mind; Skoda hood with Saab front grill.
I however like more the uniform Saab hood: 🙂

Piet-Hein S.

yesterday, the Saabforum.nl website organised a ‘scarabee’-meeting in Driebergen. about 10 scarabee-green coloured Saabs attended the meeting.
i took some photos, which are on my FB-page:


David Dallimore

Hi Robin

Looks like you all had a good day on Sunday and thanks for including a Rover P5B

We (Great Western Saabs) spent Saturday at Castle Combe for the ‘Classic & Retro Day’ including some track time.
A short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YZft46kV5ek

Martin T16s

Saab Owners Club of GB ‘Saabs on the Marches’ Summer Driving tour. This tour looked to be a fantastic event and I was bitterly disappointed I could not attend but sometimes even family occasions have to come before Saab! My hat goes off to Chris & Alex for organising this event in such a stunning location, (please check out the pics on Alex,s Flickr account). This particular part of my home country is a favourite of mine for its spectacular scenery. Combine that with glorious weather, superb roads, a great bunch of people and you have the perfect weekend jolly,… Read more »


Hi guys new saab garage open in n Ireland Darren green saab ni 07979760567 master tech full service £140 please like saab ni on Facebook , spread the word thanks!


Nightmare prototypes… 😀


Based on these “prototypes”, it appears that the former head stylist of the old GM / Daewoo alliance has infiltrated the SAAB Owners Club of GB.


Spot on !


The point of the disguised Saabs Guys was to make both SOC members feel very welcome during the weekend whatever car they drove. They both in fact own Saabs that they were unable to bring for various reasons to the event, and felt uneasy coming in non-saabs. By doing this little bit of fun for them they were assured of a very warm welcome and made to feel part of the ‘Saab Family’ and very much a part of the owners club, no matter what car they came in. Eric Carlsson himself was very amused and enjoyed the Saab Creations… Read more »

David Dallimore

Congratulations Chris & Alex.
Looks like a good time was had all round and the weather was fantastic.As Martin has said a truly stunning part of the country to visit.

I thought the ‘Prototypes’ looked fine thanks to Isabel’s handy work.


Thanks David, the scenery was breathtaking, and the people were lovely. We all had a fantastic weekend.


Robin, thanks for sharing these pictures.
It was a great event and un-British weather.
Must have been fun.


I should do the same to my SuperB Combi 😉

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