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This week we didn’t receive many entries for SAAB Of The Week until the last couple of days. That being said, I made the choice on Saab of the week based on the uniqueness of the Saab and the passion for making it so much more than stock. The vehicle below belongs to Nikolaos Spyriadis from Athens, Greece. Nikolaos must have had a hunch that I would choose his car because his description below is as if it were already announced and rightfully so because he has turned this already amazing car into a beast. What I would give to see the look on an unassuming sports car drivers face when this 9-3 leaves it behind off the line.

Great job Nikolaos, thanks for sharing with us. Keep your entries coming to [email protected] and read the description below of all the serious upgrades that have been done to this car.

20130707_184236_Επαρχιακή Οδός Μακρυ

SAAB Of The Week


This week’s “SAAB Of The Week” comes from Athens, Greece. The car is a 2008 Saab 9-3 2.8T Aero Convertible. From the outside it looks like an ordinary 9-3 cabrio but under the bonnet the engine has been treated with Maptun Stage 5 with the ambition to bring it to the desired target of 400hp/550Nm. The car on the road is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” as being very fast!  Stage 5 is not included in Maptun’s regular product line (which ends up to only Stage 4) and it is sort of an “experimental” stage.  The following alterations have been made to the engine: 


1.     Stage 5 Maptun software (400Hp/480Nm) plus MapTuner

2.     Hybrid TD05HL-20G turbo unit with new oil and water piping

3.     Custom turbo exhaust manifold (to accommodate the new turbo unit)

4.     Ferrita 3” stainless steel downpipe with HKS sport metallic catalyst (200 cells)

5.     3” cat-back twin-pipe exhaust with free-flow middle silencer and Maptun end-mufflers

6.     Maptun Intercooler 9-3 2.8T/V6 with SAMCO silicone hoses

7.     Bosch fuel injectors 630cc with wiring harness

8.     Metallic delivery intake pipe

9.     Large conical free-flow air filter

10.  Sachs Performance 6-puck clutch kit with reinforced pressure plate

11.  Forge metallic electronic bypass charge control valve (fitted with a custom base plate)

12.  Denso iridium spark plugs (gap set to 0.8mm)

13.  Brand new Bosch ignition coils


The experimental Stage 5 software is not finished yet and it needs some fine-tuning by Maptun to bring it to the desired 400hp target. As it is right now (with an experimental ECU software) the car has been measured on a TAT Dyno Systems to give out 356.4 PS (262.0 kW) at 5462rpm and 505.7 Nm at 4118 rpm (see attached graph). On the road it drives well up to the red line and when pressed hard it just disappears from the vision of nearby drivers!


Maptun is expected to finish the software soon and transform the car to a real “supercar”.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 9.54.16 AM20121123_155044 saab loutraki 2012-10-14 11.01.41


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Not only is it an awesome machine, but the styling is simply exquisite. That shade of grey together with that light leather interior – I love it!


What a proper sleeper!
Brilliant and stylish!
…must be a handful to drive though, jeeez, all that power on the front wheels…???

Nikos Spyriadis

No problem with the driving and no problem with the power on the front wheels.
Remember that it is a SAAB.


I see a cutch kit, but what about the transmission? Can the stock transmission take that massive torque?


Way to go Nick! Well done! The car on the road is really very fast! As soon as the engine overcomes the initial turbo lag (due to the larger TD05) the car accelerates with amazing power and thrust not found on any ordinary Saab model. Nick has friendly tested his car against some other sports cars in the same power range and the 9-3 exhibited great potential. The 6-spd gearbox is rated at 400Nm but practice has shown that can withstand more. Some caution should be exercised though when shifting at full power but from the time gear is engaged… Read more »


One of the best, if not the best, Saab 9-3 cabrio in Europe.
Raw power, incredible looks.
Nikolaos has invested a lot of time and money to complete this project, and the results are breathtaking. The goal of 400hp is a matter of time and Mr Bengtsson’s magic skills.
It is hard to believe that a FWD 9-3 can accelerate the way it does, unless you see it live.
Nikolaos keep up the good work.

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