Around The World Saab Style

In just over seven months time we have had a tremendous amount of your photos come in and as they come directly to me, I can tell you it is fun to see the emails as they pour in. I have seen so much more of the world through your pictures and enjoy every single picture that comes in.

To say that news has been slow on the Saab front would be a massive understatement. Rather than dwell on that, I have been looking back on over 580 pictures that you have all sent in to us since December for Saab Of The Week and have found some pictures that haven’t been picked but stand out to me.

There is a tab up to the right of the page here where all the photos are stored called SOTW and you can view and comment on photos there as well as our Facebook page.

These are some of the photos that stood out to me and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did when they came in. It is truly something special to see these cars from around the globe in their owners home countries and stresses even more so the importance of Saab moving forward as a global brand.


The first picture is a 2007 9-3 Aero on Daytona Beach sent in from Taras Mazur. With the waves in the background and the car on the beach, this picture just screams to me everything a convertible is meant to be.

This one is sent in from Christopher Mills and is of his dads 9-3 Carllson on the road in Scotland. You can imagine yourself opening up the throttle and flying down this stretch of road.


This is one of many photos that I have received from Abel Tan. Abel is one of the guys from SAABSTANCE Singapore and they have one of the best Clubs/Groups around and meet regular. This picture is just in so many ways cool. The black and white look with a touch of colour to the rear lights and the setting in the background give a look of preserving history. Looking to the right you can see what looks to be metal recycling or stuff to be thrown away and the 900 that some may see as old is still looking as beautiful as ever.

What’s not to love about a Viggen? This one comes from Michael Törnros of the Saab Turbo Club Of Sweden and is a 1999 9-3 Viggen. The yellow with the blue of the car just make this even more Swedish if that’s at all possible and that lightning blue paint is just to die for. What a car.

This picture from Paul of his 9-3 TTiD stands out for the minimal look. Almost brochure like, this photo with the black surrounding the car and the shine and shape popping through, it just shows how a 9-3 looks so fresh even without a beautiful mountain or beach setting.

Over the past months I have received a few different photos of this white jet from Théodore A. This is still the one that stands out the most to me. The face like look of the front end of this 2009 Välkommen edition with the eye like lights and the castle gates behind it make this picture one of my favorites.

Guido from Switzerland sent us this one from a recent trip to France. The picture is taken at Mont Ventoux where the Tour De France is held.


Finally this one from Giovanni in Switzerland of his 9-3 with Hirsch performance. This photo is beautiful with the brick wall of the building and the absolute stunning 19″ Hirsch wheels. These wheels have become hard to find and it is no wonder when you see just have awesome they look on this car.

2 thoughts on “Around The World Saab Style”

  1. All of them are great but if I had to choose two it would be the 9-3 TTiD and 9-3 Viggen that are in my eyes, spectacular.
    The last image brings a ping of regret as I recently sold my set of 19s.

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