Classic 96 on top

I had an interesting picture sent to me by Tom Ryner as he was driving past Nykoping and heading towards Stockholm.

A car transporter with a very tidy Saab 96 on the top deck.
It could almost be brand new and if you turn the clocks back over 40 years it may well have been in that same location on the back of a transporter in the 60’s. Does anybody know anything about this extremely smart 96?


14 thoughts on “Classic 96 on top”

  1. Let’s see; It has two chrome bars on the sides (see Roberts link), so it is a 96 Sport or MonteCarlo.
    It has that wonderful light blue colour which, as far as I know, was only used 1964 and 1965 and perhaps 1966.
    But the shape of the bumper seems to be the older one, my guess is 1964 Saab Sport. 🙂
    Saab sold more cars in 1964 than they did in 65 or 66, so that statistic also point at 1964.

    • It is hard to say what it is, Dual back up-lights, could be aftermarket. dual side metal. But the De luxe saab badge withour the sport logo. Also the side rear windows look like they are not openable, that speaks for a non sport.

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