Neo Brothers – International Saab Meet 2013

Neo Brothers at IntSaab13 Wicksteed Park, Kettering

We are pleased to announce that Erik Carlsson and Peter Bäckström very kindly unveiled our Neo 96ss at the International Saab Club meeting which was held at Wicksteed Park on 3rd – 4th August 2013.

The car was well received by the guests at the event and we had much praise and congratulations on our achievement.

The recurring question was “When will it go on the track?” In an ideal world, we would like to drop all the other work and concentrate on testing and adjusting the 96ss but, common sense and commercial reality must prevail which means that we must concentrate on the final stages of the transfer of stock into our new warehouse. Having said that, we ‘really want’ to test it on the track by October/November of this year so that it can be properly ready for action next year. Watch this space!

The Intsaab 2013 Kettering event was a resounding success – even the sun was out for most of the time.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Saab Owners Club and the international Saab Clubs meeting, this year, we went to town on the Neo Brothers stand. It entailed a 150 square metre marquee, our hospitality rig and a further external area of some 150 square metres of forecourt space which housed numerous cars three of which were our race cars including the 96ss, the Grinnall as well as two of our customer’s cars that we have over the years customised. In addition to the cars on display, we had a large selection of new Saab parts for sale as well as Saab Expressions clothing, accessories and memorabilia. There were in excess of 20 of our staff on hand in order to look after our guests and customers. Indeed we were congratulated by the organisers of the event for the largest stand ever in the history of their various meetings – the acknowledgement is appreciated.

We would like to extend a very big thank you to all our customers, supporters, Saab enthusiasts, sponsors and organisers that all contributed to the success of the event.

Please see below the link to our photo album where our photographers captured some key moments.

We are looking forward to Poland next year.

Neo Brothers – International Saab Meet 2013 Photo Album

Neo Brothers Ltd

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Neo Brothers, your 96ss is an unbelievable project. It would be exciting to see the rights for a road-going replica licensed to NEVS. If NEVS thinks EVs will create some buzz, a streetable version of your creation will really shake things up. Well, its a nice thought anyway. In any case, I look forward to future reports about this vehicle.

Martin T16s

Your tent and display was fantastic guys…..a great effort. Oh and thank you so much for the safe passage of our bag!

Best regards to you all, Martin.

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