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free motSaab Parts UK is pleased to announce a special offer to Saab owners of a FREE MOT when booked with either a fixed price oil or annual service at an Authorised Saab Service Centre.

Effective from Monday 19th August, Saab owners can get their free MOT voucher by registering with Saab Service Club ( and entering their vehicle details. Existing Saab Service Club members simply need to download their voucher in the members area of the Saab website.

Simply book a fixed price oil service for only £129 or an annual service for only £249 with your local Authorised Saab Service Centre and take your completed MOT voucher along to your service appointment.

“This offer gives Saab owners a great opportunity to benefit from double saving with the combined fixed price service and an MOT for free,” says David Leighton, Business Development Manager at Saab Parts UK. “Given the changes to some of the other costs of motoring, we are working hard with our network to provide increased value for money, performed by trained technicians using genuine parts, and all backed up by a 2 year peace of mind parts warranty.”

Appreciating the importance and reassurance of a spare key for your vehicle, plus the fact they often go missing, Saab Parts is also offering a special promotion of a spare key remote, programmed to your Saab for only £99. If you have been meaning to replace a lost key, now is the perfect time to contact your local Saab Authorised Service centre. “Replacing a lost spare key is often a good intention that can become a real inconvenience,” says David Leighton, “so with this offer from Saab Parts, we wanted to make it easy and attractive for owners to reduce the risk of being without a spare key.”

Saab Parts UK has successfully re-established the parts supply and distribution network to ensure the 200,000+ Saabs in the UK can be well maintained with genuine parts. Stocking a portfolio of over 44,000 lines, Saab Parts offers a comprehensive range of genuine parts for both current and older models, all backed by a 2 year warranty.
◾Exclusive offer to Saab Service Club members
◾Available when booked with a Fixed Price Service from 19th August to 30th September
◾Enabling Saab owners of 3 year old cars to save £54.85 from annual motoring costs

For further information please contact:

Saab Parts UK
Unit 40, Innovation Centre
University Way
MK43 0TB
Tel: 01234 756800
e-mail: [email protected]


6 thoughts on “Nice offer from Saab Parts UK”

  1. “Simply book a fixed price oil service for only £129…”

    $200US for an oil change in the UK? Pricey! That is nearly 3x what is charged routinely by authorized former Saab dealers in the USA ($80 – with Mobil 1), and most of the time they still offer coupons that bring the price down to $50US. Life in Europe sounds super expensive.

  2. Very pricey , when you consider I do a full service all for £140! Oil air pollen and fuel filter on diesels , oil air pollen plugs on petrol versions and all my servicing includes a full mot prep whether car is up for mot or not!! A good service should cover everything needed for mot !!!
    Saab ni Belfast 07979769567

  3. Oil service should be no more than £70 no matter who is doing it, most of these offers from Saab Parts UK are very unimaginative marketing and have the whiff of desperation, I know some old style independent Saab specialists who have now become UK Saab “approved” service and parts providers who know regret that decision, they know have there hands tied behind there back over what they can and cant do, in theory it should give the customers a better service, in practice it means the customer pays more and the specialist makes less profit and generally finds business more difficult!

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