SAAB CabrioChallenge 2013


The weekend 17th and 18th august the annual SAAB CabrioChallenge took place in Roslagen, Sweden. It was according to mioh (that were kind enough to send us some nice pictures) a great success with only happy people (as usual).
I can’t agree more myself, when I see this pictures should I wish I had a cab…
The following is a text  Fredrik (Sword) and Anna sent us:
Thanks to all three of you for sharing!

So the time of the year has come when it´s time for the rag tops to be front and center i Sweden, it is the time of the year for SAAB CabrioChallenge! This year, with 21 participating cars, it was held in Roslagen, the coastal area just north of Stockholm. As usual everything started with a strong cup of coffee ( yes Swedes always need coffee.. ) and the hand-out of road books. The route stretched through some of the oldest settlement areas in Sweden with visits to a medieval church and rune stones from the Viking age.

But lets take it from the beginning. We started from the Näsby Castle in Täby on the morning of the 17th of August. The ”Vehicle Historic Society” also had a road trip this day and started from the same parking lot, but took a different route. Immediately after the handing out of the road books everyone jumped in their cars and started the journey. After a couple of kilometers through Stockholm’s northern suburbs we got out in the countryside. First stop was the old church in Täby Kyrkby where the participants were supposed to find out what the church is most famous for. Several more stops followed before we all arrived in Grisslehamn where we had some cold soup for a light lunch. Shortly after lunch we stopped at the Väddö Farm Dairy for some more coffee, home made ice cream and a selection of their cheeses. Before we arrived at hotel ”Åtellet” in the city of Norrtälje, we had the traditional group photo taken in the harbor and a small prize ceremony. Arriving in our rooms we found bottles of sparkling wine as a nice little treat since we had booked the entire hotel except for two rooms. We arrived early enough to squeeze in a shower and a short nap before it was time to gather for a fabulous 5 course dinner accompanied by some nice wines.

After a good nights sleep we made the short drive to the Pythagoras museum. The Museums consists of what used to be the Pythagoras factory where they manufactured ”Hot bulb engines”. When production was closed down, everything was left behind as it was, leaving a time capsule of an early 1950s workshop. This is where most cars left for the journey home, but four of us revved down with another cup of coffee in the Café in “Wira Bruk”. Next year the event will be held at a different site!



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oh I so badly want to buy a convertible when I see these photos


Nice. Very nice.
But I can’t see any lynx yellow 2008-2010 convertible…
Maybe I’ll have to join next year? 🙂


As the founder of the first Saab CabrioChallenge, I am happy the event lives on. I got inspired of the events in Holland/Belgium in 2004-2007. Also a Super Convertible race from Amsterdam to Bejing top-down all the way with all sorts of brands. Since I got addicted to Saab Convertible driving in 1998 while working in Oregon I had in 2007 bought a 2004 9-3 CV. I had Fredrik and Anna Svärd to join in and do the CabrioChallenge that first year. Then I started the the SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team and could not do everything so I stepped down… Read more »


As one of the participants this year I must say that it is a great event and I can highly recommend it!

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