Saab International 2013. Registration Day

As many of you know The Saab International 2013 is being held in Great Britain this year and is being hosted by The Saab Owners Club, The Saab Enthusiasts Club and UKSaabs. It is taking place at Wicksteed just out side Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Sadly, due to circumstances beyond my control, I can not be there but our man, Martin Lyons is there at the great Saab get together and will send me stories and pictures as the days un fold.

Yesterday was registration day and this saw Beautiful Saabs from many Countries arriving. Then the signing in and collecting of welcome packs. There was a chance to meet friends old and new and chat before being able to enjoy the park and sunshine.
Later in the evening there was a sit down dinner which was hosted by Eric Carlsson.


Martin has sent me many picture, too many for here, so I have placed them on my Flickr page for all to see.

Today, amongst other things, there is a “Fifty Year Parade” of Saabs and this will have commentary by the Great Peter Bäckström from the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan. The cars will be in driven and displayed in great big arc in the centre of the arena. One for every year that the SOC has been a club.

Neo Brothers will unveil their fantastic 96ss to the awaiting crowd and it will join the others in the arena.

This evening their will be a banquet and live music.

More news later.



4 thoughts on “Saab International 2013. Registration Day”

  1. “283” Erik´s old birthday gift and my grandmothers ex. car seams to be out in the sunshine. Why is the Saab Museum present with the Solstad-9000 transporter in UK? Are they delivering or picking up a vechicle? From what I know Erik has had his car in UK where he lives after the Saab Bankrupcy.

    Have fun all You attending the Saab International Festival.

  2. Trued, the 9000 transporter was driven by Peter Backström, bringing the “283” 96 at the meeting.
    Robin, too bad you couldn’t come . We missed you.
    It was really cool though .
    Driving in UK was an unforgettable experience for me

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